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three-way marriageGary Boyd

Proponents of same-sex marriage have won ground over their opposition during the last two decades. In a rather scary, yet perfectly logical article, Joseph Farah gives us an idea of what may be coming next.

This past Valentine’s Day, Thailand saw a three-way same-sex marriage ceremony, one which Mr. Farah speculated might well have been the first of its kind. The author hastened to express that the three-way ceremony was not legally binding even in Thailand, but that certainly the demand for even more liberal marital configurations will be made by society’s perverts and their friends, anywhere they may be found.

Let us consider the implications. First, and really nothing new, mere review for most, when same-sex marriages are wrongfully legitimized by the government, the same-sex couple, legally married, now has access to the rights and protections afforded any other legally married couple. Such rights include the right to adopt and raise children. While abhorrent to me personally as well as many others, society has warmed up to this idea, and the expression of anything to its contrary catalyzes hot contention in public discourse.

Now, use your imagination for a moment. What is the most sordid conceivable connubial consortium you can come up with? Maybe one has always had a thing for his sister, or sisters, or perhaps his best friend, some breed of canine.

Globally, would society go to such extremes? While nobody can know for certain, the possibility cannot be dismissed. Only several decades ago were sodomy laws overturned. At that point in time, did anyone, even its architects, ever believe that same-sex marriage would become reality in their own lifetimes?

I was a teen in the 1980s, and was first introduced to the idea of same-sex marriage sometime in the latter 1990s. When Question Two was on the ballot in Nevada, defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, the idea that same-sex marriage would be legalized, at least in our state, was laughable, and Question Two passed with 80 percent of the popular vote. The ponderous shift in public opinion over the last 20 years could possibly continue with similar momentum over the next 20 years. It could head down a road, the end of which we cannot now fathom, just as I, in 1995, could not even have conceptualized the possibility of same-sex marriage.

And what of the children? Are synthetic family configurations equally as effective as the natural ones in stabilizing society? Will not the children grow up to be even more the animal than those who raised them?

An adequate work on the proven superiority of the traditional nuclear family to society would require a page length into the hundreds. A 350 to 550 word blog cannot begin to address the topic, yet we know from both religious and secular sources, as well as from the history of other nations, that the traditional, nuclear family is the environment best calculated for raising of children in a manner that instills in them the work ethic, honesty, and integrity necessary for productive citizenship, and when we deviate from that model, we walk in crooked paths, the end of which we cannot know.