Protect against Title IX and submit a comment by September 12, 2022.

The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

A government portal has been set up for you to make a comment submission.  It is very straight-forward and easy to do.  In addition, this governmental body is required to read every submission, large and small – before they can finalize the new “Rule.”  So rest assured, your input will be read and considered.


Boats of 9 11Kristi Kane

We are regularly reminded of the bad and the ugly that goes on in our world by just watching the news or surfing the internet. With the attack in Boston a few weeks old, there have been stories of those who did great good and put themselves in harm’s way to help another.

Even though these events are tragic, they are times that remind us that there is still good in the world. Ironically, it is an act of evil that brings it out. One of my favorite stories is “Boatlift,” the story of selfless volunteers with boats who evacuated nearly 500,000 people from Manhattan on that fateful day, September 11, 2001.

I could write about it, but I’d rather you watch it, and feel the emotions I did.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDOrzF7B2Kg&w=560&h=315]