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boy and girlRachel Allison

On this Valentine’s Day my thoughts are not only focused on my Sweetheart Husband, but I’m thinking about my two single marriage-age sons.

I found this little quiz on line and I’m sending it not only to them, but to you, our readers….

For those of you who are married, see if your answers have changed over the years.  I think mine have.  Thank heavens I’m older and wiser!!  Have fun!

1.  What is monogamy mean to you?

a.  I believe I can be monogamous when I find the right person.

b.  I can look, but won’t touch.  My spouse is the only person I need.

c.  I believe that monogamy is nearly impossible, but it’s definitely worth a                              try.

2.  Which of these things are most important to you in a marriage?

a.  Mind-blowing sex.

b.  Similar views on children, religion, money, commitment,  and what we                               want out of life.

c.  Being madly in love.

3.  Why do you want to get married?

a.  I want someone by my side in my life so I don’t get lonely.

b.  I’m getting older and I feel like I’m supposed to settle down.

c.  I want to make a life-long commitment to someone I love.

4.  When it comes to family finances, what’s your motto?

a.  What’s mine is mine and what’s his or hers is his or hers.

b.  Money can be shared, but there will always be those purchases that should                  be kept secret from a spouse.

c.  A family’s financial burden is mutual, so you should always pool your                                 money and share financial responsibilities equally.

5.  When it comes to friends outside of the marriage, what is acceptable?

a.  It’s unreasonable for my spouse to expect me to give up any of my                                            friendships or activities, no matter who or what they may be.

b.  I won’t need friends once I get married because my spouse will be all the                               support I’ll need.

c.  Maintaining friendships by keeping contact and hanging out is a must, but                                close friendships with the opposite sex should be      reevaluated.

6.  Your relationship with your parents can best be described as?

a.  I’m the quintessential “mama’s boy” or  “daddy’s girl.”

b.  I don’t really listen to my parents, even when they offer good advise                                because I’m very independent.

c.  I love and respect my parents, but I also enjoy an independent life from                               them.

7.  Which most accurately describes how you feel about your job?

a.  I have specific career goals that won’t be undermined by anything else.

b.  I work hard at what I do and view my job as a way to provide for my                                future family.

c.  I’m glad I only have to support myself right now, because I don’t care                               enough about my job to have to support someone else.

8.  Why did past relationships with girlfriends or boyfriends end?

a.  There was nothing wrong with him or her—inevitably, we just weren’t                               compatible.

b.  I wasn’t in the right place in my life to take the next step.

c.  I didn’t want a serious commitment as much as my ex did.

9.  Which most closely reflects your views on sex within marriage?

a.  I expect our sex life to be exactly the same as it was when we were dating.

b.  Sex isn’t that big of a deal once I’m married, so I probably won’t expect it.

c.   Sex should be a priority since it’s an important way to stay intimately                               connected.

10.  Divorce is:

a.  Always an option; I won’t be afraid to go through with it if I fall out of love                               with my spouse.

b.  Not an option when I get married, unless my spouse abuses me or is                               unfaithful.

c.  Never an option no matter what the circumstance.

“Yes”  answers others gave by percentages:

1.  a.  40%  b. 57%  c.  3 %

2.  a.  2%   b.  82%  c.  16%

3.   a.  11%  b. 5%  c.  84%

4.  a.  7%  b.  11%  c.  82%

5.  a.  16%  b. 4%  c.  80%

6.  a..  5%  b.  7%  c.  88%

7.  a.  15%  b.  74%  c.  11%

8.  a.  66% b.  27% c.  7%

9.  a.  20%  b.  5%  c.  75%

10.  a.  12%  b.  81%  c.  7%