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pakistan school shootingDiane Robertson

As I put my children to sleep in their safe, warm beds, my heart and prayers go out to the grieving parents in Peshawar, Pakistan, who will not be putting their children to bed this night or any night again.

On Dec 16th, around 10 am seven Taliban militant fighters stormed into a school and began shooting the students. The Taliban fighters came heavily armed with no intent of leaving alive– all seven fighter were suicide bombers. Toward the early evening, when the hours-long siege ended, 132 children, 10 school staff members and three soldiers lay dead, with at least 100 more injured.

The terrorists began by setting a bomb off in a car outside the school. According to a report by CNN:

The blast was a ruse, meant to divert the attention of the school’s security guards.

It worked.

Gunmen got over the walls and walked through where students in grades 8, 9 and 10 have classes and fired randomly.”

 The only words that could describe this attack are evil and horrific. There is hardly anything more degenerate than the killing of children. Though Pakistan may be a country across the world from me, and a country involved in an ongoing, decade long war, this event is just as evil, frightening, and horrific, as if it happened in my own city. The hearts and homes of many have been broken.

Please pray for these parents in Pakistan who have lost their dear children. Pray for the children who had to see their classmates shot down. Pray for those lying wounded in the hospitals.