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War Roomby Rebecca Mallory

No matter who or how you worship, you’ve got to be a little surprised at Hollywood lately. Well… not the Hollywood we’re all normally used to, but that itty bitty part that produces wholesome and uplifting movies that just make you feel good, love others and want to be a better person.

We saw just such a movie last night, “War Room”. Yup, it’s Christian-based and flat out preaches a good and evil theme with no grey areas accepted. It was awesome. This movie did not promote my particular faith. It promoted many Christian faiths who all have common desires for decency, and happy, healthy families based on values and principles of goodness and mercy to all. We may have different doctrinal beliefs but who doesn’t want that for their families? I believe we could come together as different faiths based on that alone!

But, of course, the typical critics slammed it for its goody two-shoes look at life and “Pollyanna-ish” approach to solving family problems. It can’t be that easy!! But let me ask them a question, “How’s your approach in movies with blood, guts, violence, hatred, revenge, sex, and vulgarity been workin’? Huh?” Some may answer, “But that’s real life!” What if it didn’t have to be? Could we change it?

What was even more refreshing as well as a little shocking, were the trailers before the movie. Side note… do you ever sit with your popcorn watching the trailers for so long that you actually forget what you’re doing there in the first place? But I digress.

Many 2015 movies are religion-based. Horrors! How could that be? Someone in the theatre actually stood up and clapped wildly. Just listen to some of the movies’ titles of 2015: “Beyond the Mask”, “90 Minutes in Heaven”, “The Little Boy”, “The Cokeville Miracle”, “Valley of the Shadow”, “Return to the Hiding Place”, “Risen”, “Just Let Go” to name a few. Granted, these all may not be showing at your favorite theatre because critics project that they’ll all bomb. So they start in a select few. And also granted, you will rarely see box office sensation actors and actresses in these movies. They have very limited budgets and admittedly, some are cheesy and awful; even if their message is positive. Not “War Room” though. The political correctness of shaming and condemning religious people seems to be slowly dissipating and people are finally realizing that America is truly a Christian nation, based on divine founding by devout and God-fearing men and women. Can I hear a “hallelujah”?

“War Room” was directed by the Kendrick brothers who also did “Fireproof” and “Courageous” both movies promoting strong family values and the importance of developing a relationship with God (however you define that), loyalty to spouse and devotion to children. “War Room” also promotes total honesty and personal responsibility. There are no victims. It gets its name from a tiny closet in the home of an elderly (and feisty!) widow woman who often visits to “fight” her personal battles through scripture study and prayer. Naturally, critics who live in our hyper-sensitive, PC society are horrified that these simple-minded directors would have the audacity to lump all family problems into such a strategic fantasy. Dealing with relationships is much more complicated and involved than that! Valid point.

But what if…. What if… everyone took a look in the mirror and decided to change themselves just a little bit without expecting anything in return from anyone?? Be a little kinder, more honest, more responsible, more loving. Even knowing that most people won’t validate your change. What if everyone stood up for what they truly believed regardless of the consequences? What if everyone, just for today, prayed for their “enemies” and those who supposedly hurt or persecuted them? Sounds a little uncomfortable, huh?

But any movie that causes me reflection into what I can do better has got my vote. “War Room” is preachy, promotes unabashed Christian faith, discusses openly and boldly the importance of our relationship with God, condemns infidelity, dishonesty, and selfishness. It was awesome. Besides that, the main character, Elizabeth Jordan, has the cutest clothes and shoes ever! Go see it America. Get ready to feel great!