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When we have posted on corporate support or opposition to important family and life issues in the past, there has always been an impressive response from our readership, the most frequent response being, “What can I do?” This has been most readily the case with corporations supporting the LGBT agenda.

Well, for those of you interested in supporting those companies that support the family and opposing those companies that advance the anti-family LGBT agenda, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has offered you an opportunity to let your money speak for you.

HRC recently released its annual Corporate Equality Index (CEI). The index rates companies according to adherence to and support of LGBT ‘rights’ policies. Corporations fill out a voluntary survey that HRC then scores and publishes. Although the survey is voluntary, it covers a wide variety of companies with a wide variety of scores.

The CEI is used by HRC and other organizations to pressure corporations into supporting the LGBT agenda through public shaming and the incentives or disincentives through consumer action.  If you would like to counter such efforts, you can do so by taking a look at the index and supporting those companies with a low rating.

The CEI actually provides a very clear sense of where a company stands on LGBT issues and how it uses its public position and money to advance such issues, if in fact it does. The scores are calculated according to a 6 point scoring criteria:

  1. Equal employment opportunity policy and diversity training for sexual orientation
  2. Equal employment opportunity policy and diversity training for gender identity or expression, including insurance coverage, counseling and guidelines for gender transition.
  3. Domestic partner benefits including health insurance, vision and dental.
  4. LGBT employee resource group or diversity counseling
  5. Advertising, marketing and sponsorship of LGBT events or organizations
  6. Behavior toward LGBT community, including actions “that would undermine LGBT equality.”

If you have the time or inclination, take a look at the index and find those companies that you would most like to support in defending the family.  The U.S. News & World Report article on the index even identifies the contrasting scores of companies within the same industry, providing you an easy choice when making your next purchase:

  • General Mills (100% CEI score) vs. Kellogg’s (65% CEI score)
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express (100% CEI scores) vs. Discover Card (58% CEI score)
  • Orbitz (100% CEI score) vs. Expedia (65% CEI score)
  • Dell (100% CEI score) vs.Acer/Gateway Computers (50% CEI score)
  • Best Buy (100% CEI score) vs. Radio Shack (40% CEI score)
  • Staples (93% CEI score) & OfficeMax (90%) vs. Office Depot (45% CEI score)
  • Mattel (95% CEI score) vs. Hasbro (50% CEI score)
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