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World Congress, Australia LogoDiane Robertson

The 7th World Congress of Families (WCF) convened in Sydney, Australia May 15 – 18. Founded by the Howard Centre for Family, Religion and Society in Rockford, Illinois, WCF seeks to combat the anti-family ideologies now dominating the Western world.  WCF brings together international pro-family organizations and activists. Since 1997, WCF has become one of the most significant events in the world supporting the natural family. The WCF has been held in Prague, Geneva, Mexico City, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Madrid.

The theme of this year’s WFC was “Happy Families, Healthy Economy: A New Vision for National Prosperity and Social Progress”.  Laura Bunker represented United Families International at WCF this year.

The many sessions and classes covered such topics as: The Causes and Cost of Family Breakdown – What Families Are Best for the Economy? — Will the Human Family Survive: Can We Prosper with Small Families? — Philosophical Roots of the Cultural Revolution — Secular Humanism and Family Values — Demographic Winter — Masculinity and Femininity — The Impact on Children of Legalizing “Same-Sex Marriage” — Economic and Social Costs of Abortion — Healing Post-Abortion Trauma — Work of the Home: A True Profession — AIDS Prevention through Strengthening Families — Marriage as An Instrument of Human Development — Promoting Families In the Mainstream and Online Media — Consumerism and The Soul — Defending Faith In An Age of Christophobia — The Pornography Industry — and Reaching the Next Generation with a Pro-Family Message.

The many speakers demonstrated how the well-being of families leads to the well-being of nations. Functioning families create functioning societies, while broken families result in broken economies and broken nations.

One speaker, Patrick Parkinson (Family Law Attorney, Consultant to Family Law – London) made the points that:

  • There is a rapid increase in the fragility of families around the Western world. There is a tipping point in which it is likely too late to reverse the trends. Unfortunately, social calamity is the result of the collapse of the natural family. There are intergenerational impacts such as poverty, diminished educational opportunities, downward mobility in socioeconomic status. This is all manifested in a rise in parental stress, neglect, abuse, poor mental health and so forth. Ultimately, the public costs for fragile families is very high.

This year’s WCF was not without opposition. Australian Marriage Equality Alex Greenwich wrote to the NSW Tourism minister demanding that the conference be monitored and that it follows the state’s tough anti-discrimination legislation.

The Conference went on with protestors present, and without any legal action taken against the speakers.

At the end of each WCF, a Declaration is read to complete the session. This year’s declaration begins:

We, the delegates of the World Congress of Families VII, assembled in Sydney Australia, this 18 May 2013 affirm that the sustained prosperity and happiness of nations rests on the foundation of strong natural families.”

Next year, the World Congress of Families will be held at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia.

For some further highlights and talking points given at this year’s WCF in Sydney, see these articles: