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We asked UFI readers the following question:

“Is the societal shift toward women as the primary wage earner and men as “house husbands” a good thing or a bad thing?”

Here is their response:

3 Percent                     “Good Thing”

89 Percent                   “Bad Thing”

8 Percent                     “Doesn’t Matter”

The societal shift towards men and fathers being more engaged in the day-to-day living and care of children is a good thing and there is no reason that men can’t be more involved in the work of a household.

But the dramatic changes that have brought us to a place where more women than men in the work place (note the most recent recession) and more women than men receiving higher education – to note just a few changes – has not brought more happiness to either sex.  Our reader’s opinions seem to line up with that way of thinking and, by the way, so does the research.

You can go here to see a short list of just some of the research on the impact of working women upon marriage.


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