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Here’s the question:

“What about mothers with children ages 0-17 being employed outside the home? “

Here was the response of UFI readers:

81 percent         “Only if absolutely no other choice”

14 percent       “Part-time is OK”

5 percent         “Should never do it”

0 percent         “Women should all be working”

“The mother at home raising her children makes a greater contribution to the economy than the father in the work place.” -Dr. Gary Becker, Nobel Prize Laureate

We knew that United Families International has an audience of readers and supporters that are very oriented to their families and to motherhood, but honestly, the numbers surprised us on this one.

The children of all of these families are very fortunate to have such committed parents who know the importance of a mother being home to rear her children.  The research certainly supports their decision.  You can go here to see just a sampling of the research that is available on the impact of a mother’s employment upon her children.

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