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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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Winston ChurchillDiane Robertson

In 1938 when Hitler began taking over Czechoslovakia, The Czech’s sought help from the English Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. In response,  Chamberlain set up a personal visit with Hitler, Mussolini, and French Premier Daladier in Munich. Czech President Benes was not invited. In this meeting, Chamberlain gave Hitler what he wanted. On his return to England, Chamberlain declared to a cheering crowd, “There will be peace in our time!”

In response in a private meeting with the House of Commons, Winston Churchill stated, “They should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war…the whole equilibrium of Europe has been deranged, and that the terrible words have…been pronounced against the Western democracies: ‘Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting’.”

In 1939, Time magazine made Hitler their 1938 “Man of the Year”.

The world was not long after pulled into a fierce war where millions were slaughtered.

I’d like to submit that we are in another war: a cultural war– a war over the families and children. This war is being fought in the legislatures, the court rooms, the newsrooms, and the classrooms. Like Chamberlain, many leaders are throwing in their hats, giving the opposition exactly what they want and declaring, “There will be peace in our time!”

We know how well that worked for the Western Democracies more than 70 years ago.

The media and school classes and liberal colleges have spent the past 50 years training today’s population to believe “that what people do with their bodies sexually (because we care if someone is smoking or drinking more than 16 oz of soda) is their own business, so long as no one is harmed.” We’ve been taught that the justification of the sexual act is located in the desire itself, and the direction of that desire is taken as fact.

Harm is relative. Anthony Elosen, writer for the Witherspoon institute said, “It is a plain fact that what two people do in a bedroom is not confined to the bedroom. The most obvious evidence for this fact can be seen around us everywhere, walking on two legs. They are the creatures known as children.” Children are harmed by this premise. They are harmed when they are taught that the justification and direction of any sexual act is located in the desire. They are harmed when as a result of this belief they are born to a single parent or cohabitating parents, or parents that divorce or abandon them. They are harmed when they are denied a mother or a father from a same sex household.

Do not throw in your hats and hastily declare, “There will be peace in our time.” There will not be peace where families are breaking apart. We cannot compromise the highest standard in social policy. Laws need to support the best place for children and that is in a family with a mother and father that honor marital vows. Hitler never compromised, he only took more. The liberal sexual-lites never compromise. Until the religious voice is completely silenced, they will not stop trying to rid all mankind of virtue. We need people willing to speak out, and willing to sacrifice their time for the safety of families and children around the world.

What can you do:

Today you can put up on Facebook a picture of your family and boldly declare:

I believe in traditional marriage. I believe children are entitled to be born to a father and mother who honor their marriage vows faithfully. I know that redefining marriage may seem like the compassionate thing to do, but I truly believe that it will ultimately hurt the coming generations and our society as a whole.

You can turn off the television when liberal sex is promoted.

You can write blogs and editorials against gay marriage, abortion, and no fault divorce.

You can contact your legislature telling them to vote in favor of family values.

You can donate money to organizations like United Families International.

You can join organizations like United Families International and learn to lobby and teach about the family.

You can stand firm in your belief that family is important and children do best when raised by a married mother and father no matter how loud and cool and compassionate the opposing voice sounds.