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Diane Asay

We usually hear that we should honor our parents, but I propose that we also honor our children.  Our children deserve to feel that they have worth.  They deserve to be treated and respected as an equal.  They deserve to be raised the best way possible so that we can leave the world in good hands.  They deserve the best possible teachers and champions we have to offer.  They deserve you.

What is honor?  Honor is respecting our children.  Honor is acknowledging our children’s inherit value.  Honor is teaching our children they have worth.  Children need to know by our words and actions that we think they are unique and special.  When we honor our children we are teaching them how to honor themselves.  If we do not respect our children, how can they respect themselves?  How can they respect others?

How do we honor children?  We do not honor children by objectifying them.  We do not honor children by subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) communicating that they are useless and worthless.  We honor children when we take an interest in what they tell us.  We honor children when we help them make and achieve worthwhile goals.  We honor children when we love them and respect them as equals in human dignity.  We honor children when we show them in word and deed what it means to be a good person.

Why?  Because children need to know they have worth and can make a difference in society. 

There are too many problems that stem from children growing up not knowing what proper behavior is for an adult.  Children learn by our actions how to react to challenges and disappointments.  They learn from us how to structure their lives and to be productive citizens.  What are you teaching?  Children learn by our actions how to love themselves.  When children respect themselves, they are encouraged to act their best and be their best.  Children learn from our actions how to honor and love other people.  We are raising the future parents, future teachers, future leaders and future citizens of the world.  So let’s make sure that we are modeling to children the qualities that really will make the world a better place.

So what does this mean?

Put away our selfishness and stop thinking of ourselves first.  This means we need to really look at our children.  This means we need to look around at the neighborhood children.  How can we honor them more?  The children in our homes, neighborhoods, cities, states, country and countries of the world need champions – be that champion.

Our children are the future.  We need to raise them with an eye to that future and not just on ourselves.  How will my actions affect children – the future adults of all nations?   We don’t need to spoil them or prevent them from facing the consequences of their actions, but it is the time to start honoring them.  Let’s love them and teach them to love themselves and those around them.


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