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Maggie Gillel

Entropy : a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system’s disorder;  a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder;  chaos, disorganization, randomness.

 When I am out and about on my errands throughout the days and weeks, I notice homes, yards, businesses, schools, etc.  I have seen those who are tended to carefully.  Repairs are made, lawns are mown, weeds are kept under control,  trash is picked up.   I have also noticed other establishments where this is not the case.  I have watched as two homes were  built, moved into and life begun therein.  In just a matter of months, it was clear that entropy had taken over:  weeds, trash, unfinished landscaping, unfinished parts of the house, broken windows.  It was not because of a lack of financing, it was a lack of priorities and caring. I have neighbors who are not wealthy, but they carefully tend to their property.

What about our lives?  Are they cluttered with ‘weeds’ – (lies, dishonesty, immorality, laziness) ‘unfinished landscaping’ – (drifting through life, no direction, crime, no education) – ‘trash’ – (unkempt, dirty, odorous, mean, angry, life of crime) ‘unfinished parts of the house’ – (little care or regard for others, uses others, no self-respect, no care about self-improvement,  no family by choice, contributes only negatively to society).

It does make a difference the choices we make each and every minute, hour, and day of our lives.  We are either fighting entropy by building and growing the good in our lives, or we are losing the battle with entropy by taking the course of least resistance and letting others take care of us in one way or another.

Making good choices continually will determine whether people admire and respect us and want to be with us (and we have self-respect ourselves),  OR whether anyone cares about us ever – least of all ourselves.   Choices have consequences.  We can’t have it both ways. Entropy is always lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to take over.


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