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Grandma with little girl

by Rachel Allison

Aren’t we all motivated by the turning of the calendar?  December thirty first of each year not only causes many of us to turn our thoughts to the past twelve months, but also to face the next twelve months with hope and resolution to make it a happier and more productive year.

And, according to one source, these are the ten New Year’s resolutions most frequently made.

Starting with number ten:

10. Get Organized.

9.  Help others.

8.  Learn something new.

7.  Get out of debt.

6.  Quit drinking.

5.  Enjoy life more.

4.  Quit smoking.

3.  Lose weight.

2.  Exercise more.

1.  Spend more time with family and friends.

As I looked over this list, I had to agree that I have made some of these very resolutions.  And I’m pleased to say that making them has always helped me do better.  My husband and I put our resolutions and goals on our bathroom mirror where we can be reminded daily of those things we are trying to accomplish or overcome.

I hate to admit it, but the “spend more time with family” is something I have never written on my resolution list.  Have I been a negligent mother and grandmother?  I hope not! But number ONE on that list has jolted me into recognizing that there are always ways to improve.  Maybe instead of resolving to spend more time with family, I can resolve that the time spent is more productive, …more grandiose so that long-lasting memories are insured.

This thought made me think of the memories I have of my grandparents.  Sure there was the Christmas when my granddad made wooden stilts for all of us.  The stilts were a hit! And not only did his grandchildren spend Christmas Day walking around two feet taller than usual, but our dad’s all tried them out.  What a fun memory! I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it! But the memories that my mind gravitates to are the simple experiences shared.  Like the night my sister and I and two cousins spent the night with Grandma and Grandad.  We ate breakfast together in our pajamas and sat around the breakfast table talking and laughing until it was time for lunch.  Now that’s a memory!

Our grandma would hike the hills behind her home with us. She made little sack lunches for us so that hunger never shortened our “adventures.”

My grandma taught me how to play Chinese Checkers and Solitaire. She taught me how to gather eggs carefully from the nests of her hens. And she taught me to love flowers and gardening simply because I loved what she loved.

Hmmm!  These experiences and resulting memories cannot necessarily be called productive or grandiose.  They are a result of time and love given….just what I am going to put at the top of my New Year’s Resolution list for 2012.