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Diane Robertson

Cory Silverberg an AASECT certified sexuality educator and the Sexuality Guide for About.com, a writer and teacher about sexuality, access, and inclusion is writing a children’s book titled, What Makes a Baby.

From the author:

“What Makes a Baby is my response to the fact that books about where babies come from leave many of us out.  They tell a nice story (mommy + daddy + intercourse = you!) but the truth is that more and more of us are acknowledging the help we get to bring children into our lives.  That help might be a doctor, fertility clinic, adoption or foster agency; it might be a turkey baster and a friend; it might be a sperm donor or a surrogate.  What Makes a Baby helps parents tell children a story about where they came from that isn’t just true for them, but true for everyone. “

What Makes a Baby is written for children preschool aged to eight years old, and includes, full color illustrations.

Silverberg set out on KickStarter to raise $9500 to cover the costs of publishing and promoting his book. He exceeded his goal within the first day of fundraising and now has 1,590 backers with a total of $53,697 raised.  From an interview with Goodvibes Magazine, Silverberg plans to have a, ”significant number of books that can be donated right away to shelters, bookmobiles, LGBTQ parenting groups, libraries, and community organizations.”

All this from a man who teaches sexuality for a career.

I am the mother of 8 children, and personally, I don’t even tell my children about how babies are made until they turn eight. Most of my preschool to eight year olds, believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy (even if someone tells them otherwise). So far, I have not had one of them even wonder “where” babies come from and especially not “what makes a baby.” They are mostly concerned about monsters, birthdays, ice cream, and playing at the park. And I like it that way. They are fun and cute and innocent.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Dr. Christine Schintgen, children’s author and assistant professor of literature at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy in Barry’s Bay, Ontario stated:

“Instead of acknowledging the fundamental truth that sexual intercourse between a husband and wife is both the normal and the desired way to bring children into the world, this book will attempt to normalize morally problematic, and sometimes bizarre, forms of reproduction.

Do we really want our children to grow up thinking that being the product of ‘a turkey baster and a friend’ is no different from being the fruit of a loving act of procreation between spouses?”

Of course, no matter what someone writes in a book, “what makes a baby” is an ovum and a sperm. An ovum comes from a woman (always the biological mother) and sperm comes from a man (always a biological father). One cannot get a baby without both genders. Every human being does have a mother and a father.  Amazing that some need to be reminded of that fact.