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familyjumpingThe United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council (HRC) concluded its twelfth session last week by passing a resolution in favor of traditional values.

The Resolution

The resolution, introduced by the Russian Federation, is entitled “Promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms through a better understanding of traditional values of humankind.” It requests that the UN convene a workshop in 2010 to study traditional values as the very foundation of international human rights. It will also study how supporting traditional values promotes and protects human rights and fundamental freedoms. This is a boon for the pro-family movement as the HRC has been co-opted to directly promote the radical anti-family agenda under the guise of human rights.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

United Nations Human Rights law began in 1948 with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), drafted partially in response to the atrocities of WWII. It promotes a number of human, civil, economic and social rights that should be universally recognized.

As a result, human rights are believed to supersede national sovereignty. If a nation infringes upon any of the human rights designated in UDHR, the international community has the right to directly interfere with the domestic affairs and national law of sovereign nations in order to stop the violation.

The Threat from the UN Human Rights Council

In many cases, such as the gross oppression of ethnic, racial, or religious minorities, such intervention is positive and necessary. However, the assumed universal jurisdiction of UDHR poses a direct threat to national sovereignty and the family, as it provides the UN Human Rights Council unlimited jurisdiction over nation states. As an independent body of non-elected officials, the Council alone controls the scope and definition of human rights under UDHR, and can expand this definition to defend any behavior or value they choose. Nation states are then subject to this determination.

Anti-family activists are well aware of the Human Rights Council’s power.  They are actively working to impose their agenda on the world by including sexual orientation, abortion, and other anti-family practices in the definition of human rights. Through the UN, they have been able to side-step national legal and judicial channels and impose their agenda upon the world’s sovereign states. The Council has imposed newly created “human rights” that directly ignore long held values and principles spelled out in historic UN documents.

The New Resolution

This most recent resolution may mark a change in that trend. However, this resolution was passed only after extensive controversy, and opposed by some of the strongest voices in the UN, namely the European Union (EU) and the United States (US).

Opponents of the resolution argued that introducing “traditional values” into any discussion of human rights would lead to the validation of ill-regarded “traditions” such as female genital mutilation, sex-selective abortion, child sex trade, etc. However, they seem not to recognize the important distinction between values and practices.

A Sign of Hope

The resolution is a sign of hope-particularly considering the Russian Federation introduced the resolution. For many years, Russia has been beholden to the population control and feminist lobbies. Yet, it appears in light of their impending demographic winter, Russia is beginning to recognize the importance of traditional values and strong families.

UFI’s Commitment

Those countries most controlled by the anti-family agenda, including the EU and the US, have openly opposed traditional values and morals and are now dominated by the radical homosexual and feminist activists.  Despite this opposition to traditional values, UFI promises to support traditional values and fundamental freedoms in next year’s HRC debate.  We are proud to represent you in fighting imposition of an anti-family political agenda on you and your homeland.

You Can Make A Difference!

Fighting for traditional values at the UN is not free.  The fight requires much travel, materials, research, and much more.  United Families International needs your help so that we can make a difference for the future of the family.  Your contribution will send UFI team members to work with the delegates promoting traditional family values in countries around the world.

Donate now to make a difference for the future of your family and families around the globe. You can make an online donation of $25, $50, $100, $500 or whatever you can afford now.  Or if you prefer print this form and mail a check, or donate using PayPal.  Your contribution is needed now more than ever!   Thank you for your support.

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