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hopeBy Diane Robertson

Last week was a difficult week with many foreboding, sad, and evil events taking place in the United States and around the world. On Wednesday I woke to a Facebook post written by Glenn Beck that detailed 10 things that happened the day before. He wrote:

  1. It is open season on our police. Houston, Chicago, Abilene in a week, plus Arby’s turns down food in a drive through claiming “we don’t serve your kind here. A cop”
  2. The senate sides with Iran over Israel, while they chant death to America and put a plaque outside our old embassy calling for our death. The republicans and the democrats are equally at fault. Meanwhile 70% of Americans are against this deal. Representative government is dead.
  3. A new planned parenthood video that talks about closing the eyes of the severed heads so those who receive them as spare parts don’t freak out — and congress and the president just added NEW funding to Planned Parenthood today.
  4. The army is giving a dishonorable discharge to an 11 year green beret because he punched in the face, an Afghani police chief, who we pay and train. The police chief kidnapped and raped a fifteen year old boy, kept him chained to a bed and then beat his mother as she went to the U.S. Army to beg for help. When these to army soldiers found out and he scoffed at them they punched him. He is out and the Muslim police Chief remains.
  5. Christians in Syria given 48 hours to convert, leave or die. Tomorrow they will be slaughtered by Isis and the American church Yawns.
  6. A five year old boy washes up on the shores of Greece from Syrians trying to flee and move to Europe. “The caliphate will spread and destabilize Europe.” My warning in 2010 which was mocked as madness and something that would never happen because it was “too doomsday.” It is happening but we pay no attention and act as if it is now no big deal.
  7. We are taking Syrian, Somali and Iraqi Muslims in by the thousands and yet, the state department says it “will consider accepting some Christians next year.” Meanwhile children are crucified, women are sold as slaves and girls as young as six are raped 8 to ten times a day. Within 18 months there will be no Christians in Iraq and Syria.
  8. Hilary’s email scandal continues and she is not going to go to jail.
  9. Black lives matter organizer says it is open season on white people and blacks “need to pick them off one by one.” TV networks ignore the threats and praise them, democrats meet with them and talk about their bravery.
  10. A Teenager in high school claims he “feels” like a girl and insists on using the girls bathroom and shower. When girls protest and walk out, school officials and “experts” chastise them for being “insensitive”. Reporters call HIM – “her” repeatedly and we are called the science deniers!

I was not alone in thinking that this was too much to take in all at once. I felt betrayed by the U.S. Congress because they gave money to Planned Parenthood who illegally sells parts of aborted fetuses and is the number one abortion provider in America. I felt betrayed because Congress approved President Obama’s deal with Iran, even though it is obvious to the average person that the deal is one of the most dangerous diplomatic moves of all time.

Since the rise of ISIS, the death toll in Syria and Somalia has been devastating. The refugee situation is heart breaking. It’s embarrassing to be a member of a nation that has the means, yet is not rushing to aid of our fellow men.

It’s sad that while 200 students would march out of school to protest having to change clothes in front of a biological boy, all of the adults side with the boy and tell the girls that their discomfort was due to prejudice. It was not that long along that if a teenage boy stripped down in front of girls, he would be charged with indecent exposure. The girl’s feelings, are not discriminatory, but a part of their biological functions that tells them what is safe and what is right and wrong. This is sad.

I suppose given that adults would side against 200 teenage girls for the sexuality of a teenage boy, it’s not that surprising that he armed forces of the same nation would fault an honorable man defending the raping of a 15 year old boy.

It’s hard to watch the Planned Parenthood videos, witness a half a nation supporting a criminal and liar for a presidential candidate, see an entire political party supporting a group that is calling for the murder of the police and not feel like an entire nation is lost and degenerate.

Many people feel like there is no hope left, that we are beyond repair.

But there is hope. Hope lies within the families. A wise man once said:

“No nation ever rises above its homes… We are no better as a people than are our firesides, our homes. … The good home is the rock foundation, the cornerstone of civilization. It must be preserved. It must be strengthened.”

President Obama even said, “Our country is only as strong as the character of our people.”

Character is developed in families.

Social Science studies have shown again and again that “children raised by their mother and father have a better chance of being prosperous, healthy and well-educated in adulthood. Man-woman marriage policies enshrine this arrangement as a social ideal worth pursuing, while same-sex marriage undermines this ideal altogether.”

Hope lies in strong families. So what can you do? How can you feel like you are making a difference?

First, strengthen your marriage and family. Speak up for man and woman marriage and the right of children to be raised by their mother and father. Beyond that you can donate to charities that are assisting the Syrian refugees. You can find a way to host a refugee family. You can send notes to your local police force and let them know you stand behind them. You can become educated about the candidates and support those who support religious freedom and strong families. Things do look bleak, but there is hope.