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by Erin Weist

Creeds from religious organizations throughout the world include a call to action: one that puts words into deeds, changing individuals and changing communities for the better.  These actions usually revolve around the principles of love, kindness, respect, understanding, and empathy.  So whatever your religious persuasion or denomination there is a pull to help your fellow man on this earth, particularly those living close to you.

Right now there are literally millions of displaced persons wandering the earth, looking for an escape from the hell of war.  European camps are overrun and unable to help all who are seeking help.  Many are saying that it is too dangerous to help because deceivers are infiltrating the refugees, those with ill intent.  Everyone is entitled to their belief, and to interpret their belief their own way, but that call to action says to me that it is worth every effort to help those displaced, those suffering under the hands of other violent, tyrannical offenders, just as I would hope they would do for me.

Whatever your personal beliefs, I urge you to research ways to help refugees in your local community.  A simple web search will reveal many resources, but here are a few to get your started:

U.S. Committee for Refugees & Immigrants

Support Refugees in Europe

International Rescue Committee (for Europe & the Middle East)

I also found many resources for local communities from Denver to Taiwan.  Just type in “how to help refugees ___” and fill in the blank with your city.

If love and help are to be part of our creeds we can encourage each other to do a little better and reach out a little more.  Sometimes our neighbors are those we live by, sometimes they are those surrounding us in our cities that take more effort to find.  But either way, when any one person is elevated and restored to dignity it affects us all in profoundly positive ways.  Determine that you will take 5 minutes to find a way to help your neighbor today.

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