Battle for the Soul of Talk Radio?

Battle for the Soul of Talk Radio?

It’s not news that liberals hate conservative talk radio, but we were surprised to learn of a new strategy developed as an offshoot of candidate Obama’s political action group “Organizing for America.”  Not content to fade into the sunset after getting their candidate elected, they are working now, among other things, to exert influence over the radio airwaves.  Since every attempt on the part of the left to develop a successful talk radio venue has failed, it seems that they’re now going to put their attention to trying to infiltrate highly successful conservative talk radio.

UFI first became aware of this effort when tracking information on Elena Kagan, Pres. Obama’s controversial (and dangerous) Supreme Court nominee.  We found that “Organizing for America: On the Air” had made a major push to have their readers counter anything negative that might be said about Kagan on the radio.

If you go to the “Organizing for America: “On the Air” website you will learn how to get your voice heard on talk radio.  The website links you to the major radio programs, gives counsel on talk radio etiquette, and then even tells you what to say–it gives you your talking points on various topics.  We found this part kind of interesting; you are to report back to them the results of your phone call to the various talk shows.

We figured we might as well take advantage of the money they’ve spent and all of their hard work and use it to our pro-family, pro-life, pro-traditional values advantage.  Go to their website and use it for quick access to all of the talk radio programs.  Of course you’ll then be sharing, on the air, your conservative values, not their leftist talking points.  We won’t insult your intelligence by trying to tell you what to say on air either.

Just for the fun of it, you might even report back to “On the Air” and let them know you used their website to get the word out on the importance of conservative principles like marriage, family and life!

Oh… and if you want talking points, we’d be happy to provide some.

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