Gulf Coast Oil Crisis is No Time for Agenda Politics

Gulf Coast Oil Crisis is No Time for Agenda Politics

At a time when we have one of the largest environmental disasters in the history of the U.S. and a massive part of the Gulf region economy at risk, we also have agenda politics at play in Washington D. C.

When the Obama administration was assembling an elite team of engineers and scientists to help stop the massive oil leak, Professor Jonathan Katz was tapped.  But when it was discovered that Prof. Katz’s opinion on homosexual behavior didn’t align with an ultra-left agenda, Katz was told his services were no longer needed.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu explained:  “Some of Professor Katz’s controversial writings have become a distraction from the critical work of addressing the oil spill. Professor Katz will no longer be involved in the Department’s efforts.”

So what did Katz write?  A paper entitled “In Defense of homophobia.”   Katz’s essay explains the health risks associated with homosexual behavior.  He wrote the facts; that’s it.  Katz expressed opinions that the majority of citizens would agree with.

This situation is discrimination based on an individual’s expressed opinion unrelated to his employment.  Yet you have an administration that is pushing for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which is intended to protect homosexuals from discrimination.  Evidently it is OK to discriminate against heterosexuals, however.

Bottom Line:  If you desire to have a career in government or public service, it appears you cannot have an opinion that disagrees with homosexual or liberal orthodoxy.  You either have to change your opinion or bury any evidence of your opinion deep enough that no one will ever find it.

As a final note, A.J. Bockelman, director of PROMO, a St. Louis-bases advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people gives us this gem of a quote:

“It’s disappointing at a time like this that when all Americans need to come together and focus on relief efforts and recovery efforts in the Gulf, someone divisive was placed in a position of power,”

Let me get this straight:  because you, Mr. Bockelman, disagree with Prof. Katz that makes him “divisive?”

On this I think we can agree; at a time like this Americans should be coming together to solve a massive problem.  So, Mr. Bockelman and your friends in Washington, leave your homosexual agenda at the door and let’s all concentrate on the crisis at hand.  As Pres. Obama has not so eloquently stated:   “Just plug the damn hole.”

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