So this is what tolerance looks like?

So this is what tolerance looks like?

People who support man/woman marriage and other socially conservative positions, are often accused of being hateful and intolerant, while those who espoused the opposite positions tout themselves as progressive and ever-so tolerant.  We know, however, that their brand of “tolerance” only goes one way.

The National Organization for Marriage just complete a U.S. tour to promote marriage.  Take a look at the “tolerance” that they were subjected to.


  • seanwillsalt
    Posted at 02:26h, 18 September

    The majority of NOM’s rallies went off without a hitch. It’s unfortunate that some people will go overboard in the name of a counter-protest, but it’s just what anybody has to live with if they’re going to go public on a divisive issue – regardless of which side of the issue they’re in favor of.

  • Jimbo
    Posted at 07:45h, 07 October

    sean what is divisive about marriage. It has always been a one man one woman thing . there is no room for other situations after gays and lesbians whats next dogs cats ???????

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