$15 Million Campaign to Promote Same-Sex Marriage

$15 Million Campaign to Promote Same-Sex Marriage

eqcaCalifornia gay marriage advocates just announced today a three-year campaign to promote same-sex marriage in California. The campaign, headed by gay-rights group Equality California, is called Let Freedom Ring and will spend over $15 million on paid advertising and grassroots efforts to win over public opinion.

According to Mark Solomon, the Equality California Marriage director, the goal of the campaign is to enable “hundreds of thousands of Californians to learn first-hand why marriage matters so much to same-sex couples.”

Solomon said:

“The idea is to have television, radio and other means of delivering a message, combined with on-the-ground field work so there’s a a groundbeat of information and discussion of the issue. The more people talk about the issue and get to know gay couples either on TV or in person, the more they come our way.”

The campaign will directly target marginal demographics currently opposed to same-sex marriage but more flexible on the issue. Presumably, the objective is to overturn Prop. 8 within that 3 year period.

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  • Wayne
    Posted at 20:18h, 16 October

    Linked to your post from Helping Children to have a Mommy and a Daddy

    The prop 8 campaign had a lot of support from different groups of people – I think most of them realized it was not a one time deal. California courts have overturned amendments passed by the people before.

    God bless, all those who helped.

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