A funny thing happened on the way to same-sex marriage…

A funny thing happened on the way to same-sex marriage…

Maryland same-sex marriage advocates were quite positive that last Friday would be a day that they would all celebrate for years to come…the day that same-sex marriage cleared its last major hurdle on its path to becoming legal in the state of Maryland.  Instead, same-sex marriage was tossed back to committee, effectively killing the bill for at least another year.  Not a few of the bill’s supporters seemed to “abandon ship” once they realized that they would have to go on record with a vote that too many of their constituents opposed.

The advocates of the bill, realizing they didn’t have the votes for a majority, tabled the bill “rather than risk more defections – and a defeat on the House floor that might prove a damaging precedent for the legislation’s prospect in Maryland and elsewhere,” stated an editorial in the Washington Post.

The message:  the majority of citizens do not support same-sex marriage, even in “blue states” like Maryland. The message seems to be repeated again and again – state after state.  Another message:  when people step up and demand that their representatives “represent” them – things happen.  That won’t stop gay advocates from continuing their crusade and claiming that they “are on the right side of history.”

But this is a major victory that should instill confidence and a renewed sense of purpose in all those who believe that marriage has a purpose beyond companionship; that children have a right to both their mother and father in a stable, married relationship; and that the lessons of the millennia are clear – societies support and privilege male/female relationships because they are essential to the future.

Let’s be aware and lend support to the citizens of Maryland as this battle continues.

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