Be Prepared to Duck

Be Prepared to Duck

Duck DynastyAnn Bailey

Evidently I was living under a rock until this past summer when some family members sat me down and insisted I view an episode of “Duck Dynasty.”  Honestly, I didn’t know what to make of it.  Having grown up in VERY rural eastern Idaho, I couldn’t decide if this show was dedicated to mocking members of my family who live a similar lifestyle or if the show truly had millions of people watching, enjoying and even celebrating people like my very own decidedly “redneck, but loveable” relatives.  I struggled to believe the show (including its decidedly religious overtones) could be such a hit and wondered how long the novelty would last.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, too, you know that on Wednesday the Duck Dynasty world was rocked by news that family patriarch, Phil Robertson, had been put on “hiatus from filming indefinitely” by cable network A&E because of his remarks regarding homosexual behavior and Biblical teachings.  The internet and airwaves are full of stories (here, here, here, and here).

After my initial anger at A&E subsidized, I realized that the cable network did the pro-family, conservative cause a big favor.  Here’s why:

  • It shines a huge spotlight on the hypocrisy of the “tolerant” and “politically-correct” crowd.  I don’t need to tell you that it isn’t at all about “tolerance.”  It’s about forcing people to conform to a particular way of thinking.  Be prepared to lose your employment or at the very least wear a “bigot” label, if you speak the truth about same-sex behavior.
  • Phil Robertson being chastised and, for all intents and purposes, fired for his beliefs/positions regarding the preferential status of heterosexual behavior, places him as a prime example of what can (and will) happen when non-discrimination statutes are put on the books in cities, states, or at the federal level (see ENDA).
  • A&E will live with the results of such a disastrous move on their part. As one commentator pointed out “A&E just committed Suicide.”
  • Phil Robertson now becomes a rallying point for all citizens to say “I’ve had enough of being pushed around and brow-beat by the gay lobby and their loud-mouthed friends.”

I hope every citizen feels compelled to now stand up for man/woman marriage, to speak truth without fear, and to not allow others and their intolerant “tolerance dogma” to force us into a corner of silence regarding same-sex behavior and lifestyle.  Ducking and running for cover will not do.  If we don’t stand up now, we better be prepared to lose that right completely.

If you’d like to leave a comment on A&E’s official facebook page, go here.      Or email them at:  [email protected]


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