Civil Unions: Stepping Stone to Same-Sex Marriage

Civil Unions: Stepping Stone to Same-Sex Marriage

This week when the governor of Illinois signed Civil Union legislation into law, one would have expected major celebrations among the gay lobby and their advocates around the country.  Interestingly, the “jubilation and celebration” never quite materialized.  Why?  Because homosexuals and their gay advocates aren’t all that interested in Civil Unions – they are after the real prize – legalization of same-sex marriage.

The ACLU unabashedly admits that civil unions are nothing more than a “step” toward the real goal.  This from an ACLU press release:

Although the passage of civil union legislation represents an important step forward on the road toward full equality for LGBT individuals in Illinois, the ACLU continues to work to achieve the freedom to marry for all couples. (emphasis added)

The media and news headlines confirmed it as well:

Signing Of Civil Unions Bill Marks Beginning Of Push For Gay Marriage

Civil Unions in Illinois:  A step forward

New Law an Encouraging Step in the Right Direction:  A Civil Rights Milestone

First, non-discrimination clauses for sexual orientation, then domestic partner benefits, then civil unions:  each of these is just a stepping stone along the path toward same-sex marriage. The strategy is quite clear.  Each of these steps is welcomed by activist judges and courts as well.

If you are in the camp that believes that in the name of “tolerance” and “good will” (all wonderful goals I might add), that compromises can be made and man/woman marriage will remain intact in the end, please reconsider.  Gay advocates will not be content; with each step they will only be more emboldened and angry when their efforts are thwarted.

Jenny Tyree, Focus on the Family, said it best:

“Make no mistake.  Civil union legislation is not a good compromise for protecting marriage.  Civil unions are only the bait required to get fair-minded people to take the hook.  The big fish is same-sex marriage.”




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