Homosexual Rights Witch-Hunt Begins on Website to Expose Homosexual Priests

Homosexual Rights Witch-Hunt Begins on Website to Expose Homosexual Priests

ChurchOuting.org, a new website launched last Wednesday, hopes to add momentum to the homosexual rights movement in Washington by means of a good old-fashioned witch-hunt. The website gathers and publicly displays anonymous accusations of homosexuality against Catholic priests within the Archdiocese of Washington. It lovingly invites you to share your own unfounded accusation of a priest’s homosexuality, in order “to help [Catholic Priests] make the difficult choice to stand up against the hateful and harmful new direction the Church hierarchy is taking the Holy Mother Church.”

The site provides a convenient form for you to share “a detailed account of how you know the priest in question is being hypocritical through his silence,” then reassures you that your personal account “will help stop the spiritual and psychological abuse being afflicted, not only on these good men of God, but on their congregations and the local LGBT community.” For according to ChurchOuting.org, vocal religious opposition to homosexual behavior is the equivalent of physical or sexual abuse of a child.

So what is the purpose of this compassionate and loving witch-hunt?

“The goal of this site is not to force Catholic priests out of the closet against their will.  The goal of this campaign is to aggregate reports on every gay priest in the Archdiocese, so that we can work with them, one on one, helping them stand up to the church hierarchy’s stand on this important issue.”

In other words, the goal is to gather enough hearsay and gossip to coerce priests, and the Archdiocese of Washington in general, into changing their official position on same-sex marriage.

The campaign apparently comes in response to the resistance of the Archdiocese of Washington to pro-homosexual legislation currently going through the D.C. legislature and to a 57 page Pastoral Letter issued last week by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops restating church opposition to same-sex marriage.

The new site has higher aspirations. It provides the media and social networking tools necessary to make this a full-fledged cultural movement and that is the direction Phil Attey, founder of ChurchOuting.org, sees the campaign going.

“I expect community response to this campaign to be overwhelming,” says Attey. “The Church hierarchy has crossed the line in diverting the mission of the church from helping the poor and caring for the sick to waging political campaigns to strip LGBT citizens of civil rights protections.  We can no longer remain silent while this happens.  Nor can our parish priests.”

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