How do children fare when reared by same-sex couples?

How do children fare when reared by same-sex couples?

Ann Bailey

The lid has just been blown off on the homosexual vs. heterosexual parenting container.  Over the weekend, two studies came forward that lay waste to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) claim that there is no difference in outcomes between children reared by same-sex parents and a child’s married mother and father.

One study comes to us from Mark Regnerus of University of Texas; the other from Loren Marks from Louisiana State University.  Dr. Marks’ study is not yet published.

Here are some findings from the new studies:

  • When compared with adults raised in married, mother-father families, adults raised by lesbian mothers had negative outcomes in 24 of 40 categories, while adults raised by gay fathers had negative outcomes in 19 categories.
  • Compared to children raised in married, mother-father families, children with mothers who ever had a relationship with another women, were significantly likely to be unemployed as adults, more likely to seek treatment for mental illness, and more likely to have engaged in unmarried sex.
  • When compared with children raised in married, mother-father families, children raised by same-sex couples suffered from greater risk of poverty, substance abuse and criminality.

Expect that the gay lobby to come after both of these men and the charges of “scientific heresy” are already getting lots of play. (Slate & ABC)

But here is the bottom line for me:

1.  The new studies used sample selections that were far more representative than any of the past studies done that tout the supremacy of gay parenting.  So if one is to argue that these two new studies were poorly done and therefore should be discredited – then the studies that gay advocates use to support gay parenting should have, long ago, been laughed right out of any scientific journal.

2.  By definition, kids in same-sex household are from broken families – they have been stripped of either their mom or their dad.  Intentionally stripping a child of either their mother OR their father is perpetrating a great injustice and harm upon a child. This is certainly the case when gay couples use reproductive technologies to obtain a child and ends up being the case when a child grows up in any same-sex parented home.

The research is clear – children who are not reared in a stable married household by BOTH their mother and their father are at greater risk for virtually every adverse outcome one can name.  Fathers matter.  Mothers matter.

Take time to read some of the reviews of the studies here and here. Or you can see the actual research here and here.   The media is all but ignoring these studies (except for the negative headlines that imply that the studies are bogus).   We all need to be conversant with this information and we need to share it with others.

Further comments on the papers by Marks and Regnerus

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