“Let’s go for more…” Motto for Gay Advocates

“Let’s go for more…” Motto for Gay Advocates

This past July Argentina’s President signed the law that legalized same-sex marriage, the first Latin American country to do so.   This past weekend, the Associated Press reported that “thousands” marched in a gay parade to celebrate.  We at UFI were not at all surprised to learn of the chosen theme or motto for the parade:  “Let’s go for more…”   The “more” at the moment in Argentina seems to be a law for “transgendered” individuals–a “gender identity” law so that individuals can change the gender on birth certificates and identity cards.

I guess whatever “gender” you decide you are for that week, month, or year—you get to alter all your official documents to reflect that.  Sound like chaos?  Sound ridiculous?  You bet.  “Let’s go for more, more, and more…”  As many supporters of man/woman marriage point out, the push for same-sex marriage really isn’t about marriage—it’s about validation, acceptance, and mainstreaming of homosexual behavior and lifestyle.   Same-sex marriage is just one item in a long-line of same-sex demands for “more.”

To support the contention that it really isn’t about same-sex marriage, we ran some numbers on Argentina.  One would have anticipated a substantial portion of Argentina’s same-sex population who apparently were clamoring for legalization of same-sex marriage to have already taken advantage of the new law; yet only about 500 same-sex couples have been married to date.

A mid-range estimate of the homosexual population in Argentina would yield about 1,600,000 same-sex individuals (3 percent of 40 million people).  So in spite of what one would assume would be “pent-up demand” for gay marriages, out of 800,000 potential couples, just 500 have been married.   Acknowledging that not everyone who is gay would be in a situation to be ready for marriage, we’ll cut that number in half—say 400,000 potential candidates for same-sex marriage.  Not fair?  Ok, let’s say that just 25 percent–or 200,000–were in a potential “relationship”—a mere 500 couples have gotten married.  You see the same type of disinterest in marriage in virtually every country and U.S. state that has legalized same-sex marriage.

It isn’t about marriage; it’s about “more.”

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  • Sheri
    Posted at 09:39h, 17 November

    Ok so the move to change the gender on birth certificates in Argentina reminds me of the Christmas tree incident in Toronto where our previous mayor thought it a good idea to get rid of the Christmas tree as a pre-emptive measure to avoid offending anyone… roughly the same calibre of thinking… needless to say the Christmas tree idea was not well received.
    I do agree that the same sex agenda has become more and more pervasive, it’s everywhere, I can’t turn on the tv without encountering some connection to it. The voice of those supporting the same sex agenda and all proponents that stand with that (i.e. transgendered, etc.) is definitely gaining momentum. It was once said the homosexuality was a “first world” issue as it was not such a priority, much less mentioned in nations that were dealing with meeting the most basic needs like widespread starvation and malnutrition. Given even the article above, it appears that the agenda of gay advocates will fiercely continue and will become increasingly more prominent perhaps within every nation. Having the backing of many powerful voices and supporters who are advocating gay rights, this is a great likelihood. The voice standing up to speak out against the same sex lifestyle seems to be much quieter. I notice there have not yet been any posts responding to this article which perhaps further makes the point, nor would I say that I have been a strong voice standing up for the family, marriage and promoting a lifestyle that I would feel confident about passing on to future generations. Perhaps it’s time to stand up.

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