Marriage in New Jersey: On the brink

Marriage in New Jersey: On the brink

The fight to protect traditional marriage in New Jersey has taken on new urgency. Following the election of Chris Christie to replace Gov. Jon Corzine on November 3, LGBT lobbyists have begun aggressively pushing New Jersey legislators to force through a same-sex marriage bill in the up-coming lame duck session, before Gov. Corzine leaves offics.

Gov. Jon Corzine is a vocal proponent of same-sex marriage and centered much of his re-election campaign on a promise to pass same-sex marriage legislation when re-elected. The people of New Jersey, however, were not sold on this promise and elected to office Chris Christie, who has repeatedly confirmed his commitment to veto any redefinition of marriage that crosses his desk.

LGBT lobbyists now recognize that their last opportunity to impose a redefinition of marriage on New Jersey will disappear January 19, when Christie takes office. Therefore, they have begun an aggressive advertising and lobbying campaign to get same-sex marriage legislation passed and on Gov. Corzine’s desk within the next two months. If successful, the LGBT lobby will have completely restructured the entire institution of marriage in New Jersey during a lame-duck session, under a governor voted out of office, and following an election in which voters have made their opinion of same-sex marriage clear.

If you live in New Jersey send your legislators a message today telling them to oppose this attempt to redefine marriage. Marriage belongs to the people of New Jersey.

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