Portugal On Its Way To Legalizing Homosexual Marriage

Portugal On Its Way To Legalizing Homosexual Marriage

Portugal is on its way to becoming the sixth European nation to legalize homosexual marriage. The legislation is expected to quietly pass through early parliamentary procedures tomorrow in spite of an opposing majority among citizens and a strong Catholic presence.

The Catholic Church, while normally more active in pro-family causes, has decided to remain low. Polls show that 49.5 percent of Portugal citizens oppose homosexual marriage, so a large mobilization effort is possible; but Lisbon’s Cardinal Patriarch has determined that the issue of homosexual marriage is “parliament’s responsibility.”

The parliament feels the same way.

A petition with over 90,000 signatures has been given to government officials demanding a referendum. The government says this legislation was in its original manifesto and will not allow public consent.

Pope Benedict XVI is planning to visit the country in May. Both the Portuguese government and the Catholic Church hope this homosexual marriage issue will be resolved before his arrival.

…Because allowing homosexual marriage will make the issue go away…

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