Same-Sex Marriage Goes Down to Defeat Down Under

Same-Sex Marriage Goes Down to Defeat Down Under

Ann Bailey

Showing once again that same-sex marriage is far from inevitable, the Australian parliament has voted overwhelming to reject same-sex marriage.  On September 19th, the lower house voted 98 to 42 against gay marriage and the next day thSenate followed suit with a 41 to 26 vote against redefining marriage.

This was a huge surprise and obvious disappointment to gay advocates who had worked hard in Australia to convince policy makers and the public that they would be “on the wrong side of history” were they to not legalize gay marriage.  Seems that is part of their plan – convince the public that they the legalization of same-sex marriage is going to happen and if you oppose it you will be drug kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

You’ll hear even more versions of this argument as we get closer to the November elections in the U.S. where there are four states that will be voting on whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage – Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, and Washington State.  In the U.S. thirty-one states have already past constitutional amendments to define marriage and give protection to the traditional definition of marriage.

Now is the time to continue to speak up and stand up for traditional marriage.  You have common sense and lots of empirical data to support the understanding that the natural family made strong through marriage is the best course for society.  Add your energy and your pocketbook to the cause.  Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of gay advocates that somehow the momentum is theirs – as though their wishful thinking will make it so.  History is on our side.   Australia is case in point.

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