So This is What “Hate” Looks Like?

So This is What “Hate” Looks Like?

Queerty 1Ann Bailey

We’ve all done it; started on one website, started clicking, and ended up, topically, miles away.  Well, this was one of those times and I ended up on the website “Queerty.”  Ever heard of it?  “Queerty” has the tagline:  “Free of an Agenda – except that Gay one.”

Well, the “gay agenda” was on full display as I read an article and noted the author’s disgust and dismay that an AMC Theatre in Colorado was going to allow the pro-family group Focus on the Family to rent out a theater for a screening of a “crazy, anti-gay documentary called Irreplaceable.”   To boycott AMC or not to boycott AMC was discussed, but the conclusion was that the boycott thing hasn’t worked out so well for the gay lobby (see Chick-fil-A and Duck Dynasty).

Referencing the upcoming screening of the film, the author continues: “This is an opportunity for a bunch of really terrible, harmful people to spread lies about us…  Giving lunatics like this a platform isn’t harmless…”

So here’s what the author suggests:

 Instead, AMC needs to distance themselves from the screening. Repudiate what FoTF  [Focus on the Family] stands for, starting with founder James Dobson’s statement that “Same-sex relationships undermine the future generation’s understanding of the fundamental principles of marriage, parenthood, and gender.”

Hmmmm…..    So this is the foundation of their definition of “terrible, harmful” people.  So this is their definition of “hate.”  In “Queerty” readers’ minds you are a hater and a bigot if you believe or, heaven forbid, make a statement such as Dr. Dobson’s:

1.  You are a hater if you believe that same-sex behavior and marriage undermines or alters the basic definition and principles of marriage.

2.  You are a hater if you believe that children have a right to both a mother and a father.

3.  You must be a hater if you believe that gender is an innate characteristic – not something you can decide one day and change the next

Take a minute and look at the trailer for Focus on the Family’s documentary “Irreplaceable.”  (See it here)  You will come away even more confused at the angst of the article’s author. 

This experience only confirms to me that I need never take seriously those who are so cavalier with their “hater/bigot” labels.

Below is the link to the entire article on “Queerty;” but be forewarned.  Though this particular article is readable, the bulk of the website is coarse, vulgar, and graphic.

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