Stop Governor From Honoring Homosexual Activist, ACT NOW!

Stop Governor From Honoring Homosexual Activist, ACT NOW!

scwarzenegerGovernor Arnold Schwarzenegger has until Sunday to decide on a bill that would establish a day of significance for slain politician Harvey Milk, the first openly homosexual official to be elected to public office in California. The bill, promoted as a day to commemorate the life of a fallen civil rights activist, would directly undermine the parental rights and religious freedom of all Californians, and further the attempts to promote homosexual behavior under the banner of civil rights.

Harvey Milk, revered as “a martyr for homosexual rights,” served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for 11 months when he was murdered with Mayor George Moscone by fellow supervisor Dan White. During his political career, Milk actively promoted homosexual lifestyles, promiscuous sexual practices, and the entire LGBT agenda. Although Milk’s murder was in no way associated with his homosexuality and his time in public service insignificant, his life, career and death became symbolic icons for the gay rights movement.

If passed, the bill would officially establish May 22 as Harvey Milk Day and “encourage public schools and educational institutions to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date.” This means that schools would conduct activities commemorating and promoting the life of a man recognized solely for his homosexuality. It would not simply commemorate the life of a “civil rights activist,” but rather it would pressure schools to present homosexuality as an identity (rather than a behavior) entitled to civil rights protection and those morally opposed to homosexual behavior as discriminatory bigots. The homosexual agenda would, thus, become a state-sanctioned part of all public education in California.

Furthermore, the primary assumption behind the bill is inherently false and directly undermines the battle to defend traditional marriage. If passed, the bill would reinforce and write into law the belief that LGBT behavior is in fact a minority identifier equivalent to race, religion, gender or ethnicity, as it would establish Harvey Milk as a civil rights activist equal to Martin Luther King Jr. The entire homosexual agenda is dependent upon normalizing the fallacy that homosexual behavior is entitled to specialized civil rights protection and this bill would be just one more step in that process.

Therefore, the time to defend religious freedom, protect parental rights, and stop the state-sponsored promotion of homosexuality is now. You have until Sunday to let Gov. Schwarzenegger know that the people of California oppose this bill. Call him at 916-445-2841 or email him by clicking here and tell him he must VETO bill number SB572.

  • Marjorie Ruth
    Posted at 16:27h, 09 October

    PLEASE, Gov. Schwarzenegger, veto Bill sb572. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do!!! I care deeply about my children and grandchildren, and they do not need to know anything about homosexuality until they are older. I didn’t know anything until I was about 16, and I got along fine. These precious children do not need to burden their minds with these different lifestyles. Please let them be children, carefree and joyful until they have to face the facts of life

  • garry
    Posted at 23:22h, 09 October

    Dear Governor:
    Sir I really think you do not want to do such a thing before you leave office. To honour such a man is to bring shame on all the good people of california. Homosexual activities are a perversion, as pedophillia or any other selfish, self centerd sexual practice.
    This man has done nothing of value for california or its people.
    There are so many people worth honouring in the usa and he is not one.
    Thankyou Governor and I wish you great wisdom going forward.

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