“Tolerance” of the Homosexual Lifestyle has become “Forced Acceptance.”

“Tolerance” of the Homosexual Lifestyle has become “Forced Acceptance.”

It’s International Gay Pride month around the world.  From Rio to Rome, Madrid to Moscow the streets of major cities will be flying rainbow flags as men, dressed in drag, parade down the streets.    We were going to provide a link to a video of an actual “pride” parade, but could not find one that was not obscene. This “celebration of gay pride” is a commemoration of what is known as the Stonewall Riots (New York, 1969), considered to be the birth of the “gay rights” movement.  Amnesty International, International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Intersex (ILGA), and other gay advocates have released proclamations promoting “tolerance and acceptance” of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) individuals.

Last week U.S. Pres. Obama decreed that June is “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.” The U.S. proclamation praises “the immeasurable contributions of LBGT Americans.” Obama went on to assure his gay constituents of his support by listing the advancements his administration has made on their behalf, such things as “strengthening federal protections against crimes based on gender identity of sexual orientation,” a Presidential memorandum directing hospitals to give hospital visitation rights (something that federal law already demands), directing the Department of Health and Human Services to create a National Resource Center for LGBT Elders.

In a reversal of his campaign rhetoric, Obama also announced that he now supports same-sex marriage and wants to repeal the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). But with each “advancement” of gay rights comes a diminishment of the rights of individuals who do not support the promotion and acceptance of same-sex behavior.  “Tolerance” of the homosexual lifestyle has now turned into forced acceptance.

Here’s just a few of the myriad of examples:

Impact on schools

Public schools are required to be “gay friendly.”  The “safe school” packaging of the progression of gay rights in schools is a Trojan horse that provides protection and rights to gay students while downplaying the need for safety for ALL children in our schools.

A private school is in trouble for disciplining two female students for kissing. All in the name of supporting the rights of same-sex couples to “equality” with straight couples.  In Canada, a Mennonite school was informed that it must conform to the official provincial curriculum, which includes teaching homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle.

California students are now subjected to a celebration of same-sex behavior, courtesy of the state, in the form of Harvey Milk Day, all the while religion clubs on college campus are being denied status while same-sex clubs and groups flourish.   School children can now be subject to harassment for their beliefs on same-sex marriage by none other than the bus driver.   (See UFI blog article on a student being called a “stupid little bigot.”)

Impact on employers and business

As mentioned in last week’s alert “Is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) the end of discrimination or just the beginning,”  under ENDA, the government will order businesses, including religious ones, to jettison their personal and religious beliefs and hire gays and lesbians.  Essentially, Congress would be establishing a caste system, where the ‘rights’ of homosexuals trump the First Freedoms of anyone else. At the very least, it could force some people out of business. At its worst, it will force into silence every American who disagrees with homosexual behavior.

Professor Jonathan Katz, chosen as part of an elite team of scientists and engineers tasked with capping the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, was dismissed by the U.S. Energy Department because his opinion on homosexual behavior did not align with the current administration’s.   A wedding photographer in New Mexico faced a hearing with the state’s Human Rights Commission because she declined the business of a lesbian couple. She didn’t want to take photos of their commitment ceremony. A doctor has been sued because she didn’t want to perform an artificial insemination on a lesbian couple. Let’s not forget the Boy Scouts who have paid dearly for asserting their right to not be forced to accept gay scoutmasters.

Impacts related to marriage

We are witnessing a gay-activist-driven court system onslaught and the slow undermining of all of the state laws that define marriage as between one man and one woman.  Those who favor state marriage amendments and use the appropriate channels to codify their position are subjected to calls of bigotry and hatred“” as was the case with California’s Prop 8 passage.

A fireman in Massachusetts lost his position because he signed a petition opposing gay marriage.

Impact on religion and religious freedom

London street-preacher Dale McAlpine was arrested in his hometown after he mentioned that homosexuality is a sin in the Bible. Canadian Reverend Stephen Boissoin was order to pay $5000, write a written apology to the local newspaper, and forbidden from “uttering anything negative about homosexuals.” This is a court-ordered lifetime speech ban for Rev. Boissoin.

A Methodist organization in New Jersey lost part of its tax-exempt status because it refused to allow two lesbian couples to use their facility for a civil union ceremony.  The Archdioceses of Boston Catholic Charities eventually closed down its adoption program because the state of Massachusetts forced every adoption agency in the state to allow same-sex couples to adopt.  For a complete analysis on the impact to religious freedom see Beckett Fund for Religious for Religious Liberty Issues Brief.

Impact on the military

Along with this U.S. Administration’s commitment to homosexuals comes the promise to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” military policy.   In doing so, they will choose to put the homosexual lobby ahead of the well-being of men and women in uniform.  All four service heads and the majority of military service organizations have asked for time to study the ramifications of this change because they know of its impact to an already war-weary military.  The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will negatively affect the rights of association and religious freedoms of military chaplains and service members.  All military personnel would “run the risk of career-ending accusations of insubordination and discrimination,” said a letter to Obama from 40 retired military chaplains.

According to a recent Zogby poll, the American people by a three to one margin believe that military leaders should make this decision rather than Congress.

Impact on media

Pressure is now being applied to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to start clamping down on “hate speech.”  In a letter to the FCC, some 30 organizations attempt to argue that the agency should do a better job policing “bigotry masquerading as news.”  One of their main objectives – to eliminate any negative speech regarding same-sex behavior.


Webster’s Dictionary defines tolerate as: “to recognize and respect [other’s beliefs, practices, etc.] without sharing them,” and “to bear or put up with [someone or something not especially liked].”  The traditional meaning of tolerance means to value, respect, and accept the individual without necessarily approving of, or participating in, their beliefs or behaviors. It accurately differentiates between what a person thinks or does (behavior) and the person himself.

“Tolerance” today, however, is a one-way street. “Tolerance” seems to mean a free pass for those who support the gay lifestyle, but it’s a muzzle for you if you don’t. During the month of June, as you are regaled by popular media with stories promoting gay pride month, remember that “Gay Pride” means loss of personal freedoms for individuals and organizations. United Families International will continue our work to educate our supporters of the dangers associated with same-sex behavior and its promotion.  We will continue our efforts to combat this onslaught within the halls of the U.N. and at your local City Hall. Please join us.

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  • Rich
    Posted at 20:21h, 27 August

    Don’t know if anger quite sums my feelings…shocked…praying that God may intervene!

  • Edguardo
    Posted at 17:10h, 25 October

    First, this is by far the best written summation of the insuing gay onslaught against people who, even though they respect gay rights, still believe in a heterosexual lifestyle.
    Furthermore, I just watched a news segment on MSNBC that illustrated how legislation is being passed in California that mandates high schools to teach gay history. This is profoundly disturbing.

  • Colin
    Posted at 05:06h, 08 April

    If homosexuality is so naturally right why is it like a square peg being smashed into a round hole? We have philosophers bending over backwards to make it seem like a good thing to do, but it just doesn’t mesh with peoples moral intuitions. The tolerance position is so self-refuting, it is teaching to tolerate “our” position, but all positions that don’t do this will not be tolerated. There cannot be a plurality of truths, so relativists would have us think there are no absolute truths…in other words there are no absolutes except for the statement saying there are no absolutes. Talk about the fallacy of self-exception.

  • John Doe
    Posted at 18:58h, 09 September

    It is very disturbing what happens when society ignores the moral stop signs that were put in place to protect it in the first place. We as a species, are turning our back on God. 🙁

  • Bobbi
    Posted at 14:29h, 03 October

    Highly upset and recently discussed these very issues with a high school principal re: an English teacher project geared toward this very topic! Why, and what does that have to do with the subject-matter of English III? Nada!! Reading about it, discussing it and trying to make sense out of something that is purely illogical! Their answer… “this is the world they live in.” This is far reaching when the schools attempt to take control of developing minds (on issues of development that really should not be their concern). Very disturbing and the saddest part is … they know it’s working (on most of these young adults).

  • Chuck Creager Jr.
    Posted at 19:49h, 17 November

    Think about what is happening here same-sex “marriage” is without quest the biggest and most divisive social issue of the early 21st century and the Federal courts are telling We the People that we have absolutely NO SAY on it.

    There is no legal bases for such court ruling. There is nether a constitutional nor statutory Federal right in involved. In Fact the one time that the U.S congress has spoken on the definition of marriage, (DOMA) they defined it as a union between a man and woman. So these judges have absolutely no legal bases striking down state laws defining marriage as a union between a man and woman. Yet they are doing so an disenfranchising millions of american voter in the process.

  • Ab
    Posted at 21:41h, 13 December

    Thank feck for this forum. This batty-man issue is pissing me off. It’s sooooo wrong. And the worst thing is that it is being forced on everyone. Shrien Dewani’s murder trial took a strange turn and he wound up being acquitted shortly after he revealed he was bisexual. All of a sudden a family lost all hope of getting justice for their murdered daughter because he suddenly reveals his hidden lifestyle. Kids will grow up accepting it. If this carries on, my 5year old son will have no idea what normal is by the time he’s a man. What the hell is the deal here?

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