Vancouver School Board promotes homosexuality for teens

Vancouver School Board promotes homosexuality for teens

The normalization and promotion of homosexuality has reached new heights in Vancouver, Canada.

The Vancouver School Board is now taking an active role in promoting homosexuality and redefining gender roles in it schools through a new annual student conference. Promoted as the “first-ever anti-homophobia conference for students,” the Dare to Stand Out Student Conference, held March 24 at a local elementary school, focused on helping students combat gender stereotypes and start Gay Straight Alliances for those “who are ready to stand out and make their school more inclusive.”

“Join youth and teachers from around the province who want to connect, share, dream and plan a world without homophobia and gender stereotypes,” the poster advertised.

“Speakers and presentations will educate, entertain and inspire. The day will feature live theatre, readings, comedy, as well as prominent local and national LGBTQ personalities sharing their work. Participants will be given tools and resources: to promote diversity, address homophobia/trasnphobia/discrimination, and create a safer school community.”

Although every student should feel safe while at school, this clearly goes beyond the realm of encouraging safety and kindness and extends into promoting homosexual behavior.  The list of sponsors—Day of Pink, Jer’s Vision, Out in Schools and Qmunity Gab Youth—speakers, and events makes this intention perfectly clear.

As reports,

“The six-hour conference, held during regular school hours from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, included plays and comedy routines as well as workshops on such topics as “self esteem and healthy sexuality through drama,” “BC’s Queer History Through Media,” and a “panel discussion on gender identity and stereotypes.”

Speakers at the event included Janine Fuller, manager of Little Sister’s sex shop and pornographic bookstore; Morgan Brayton, a columnist for homosexual newspaper Xtra! West, who in a 2006 column detailed her experience in a public orgy; lesbian comedienne Kimothy Shaughnessy and Vancouver Pride Society president Ken Coolen.”

Such a list of events and speakers is clearly not designed to create safer schools, but simply to push for radical acceptance of homosexual behavior.

  • Choice and Accountability
    Posted at 14:19h, 09 April

    “Reached new heights,” or reached new depths? I’m trying to imagine the kind of depraved parent that would support their son/daughter attending and participating in an event sponsored by pornographers. Gah!

  • you are shameful
    Posted at 23:46h, 09 April

    yeah how terrible of them to promote acceptance and love vs. your agenda of hate. give me a break.

  • garry
    Posted at 14:32h, 13 April

    I am sick of the schools, and government alike pushing sex perversion in our schools. Schools should be doing a better job preparing kids for the working world. They waste so much time and resources allowing the homosexual agenda to use our schools as a breeding ground for converts to their abhorrent lifestyle. Enough is enough.!

  • Ned Flanders
    Posted at 03:29h, 12 May

    Let’s see here date is 2010 not 1940’s.
    There are cell phones, computers, and even this thing called internet. Now lets get educated and not be so scared of change.
    Last I checked we are all humans. We are all different, some have blue eyes and some have brown eyes but well all are red on the inside. This is a good change taking down the wall of stereo typing and teaching us not to be all haters. The internet is full of sex and sex perversions and yet your surfing it right now is this going to turn you gay? Don’t thing so.

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