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In a new low for television advertising, the Marie Stopes International UK is now running ads on British television for abortion services.  It is an advertising campaign with a deceptively simple question:  “Are you late?”  The word “abortion” is never mentioned.

“If you’re pregnant and not sure what to do, Marie Stopes International can help.” The ad closes with the words “Are you late?” and a phone number displayed.    Nothing is said, of course, about the real purpose for the commercial (more abortion revenue for Marie Stopes International).

Marie Stopes describes itself as a “not for profit sexual and reproductive health” organization, yet last year it provided 920,000 abortions internationally.  This number is a 56 percent increase over 2008. Their board of directors must be proud.

On its website, Marie Stopes defends its ad by saying, “The time has come to talk more openly and honestly about abortion and we hope that the TV commercial will help to break down the taboos that persist around this issue.”   We’re left wondering where the “honesty about abortion” fits into this ad since the word “abortion” is never even mentioned!

If you visit the Marie Stopes website and click on the link “What are my pregnancy options? It becomes very clear that Marie Stopes has no interest in running their ads except to attract abortion dollars.  They provide no other services.   Real help for women is in short supply.   If a pregnant woman wants something other than abortion, Marie Stopes casually tells them to contact their General Practice physician (GP) or the British Adoption and Fostering Association.


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