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“Largest Movement of Social Reform Since the Civil Rights Movement” – Be a Part! 

Roevwade.jpgSince Roe v. Wade, over 58 million abortions have been performed in the United States.  Planned Parenthood alone has been responsible for over 7 million abortions – more than any other abortion provider in the U.S.  In 2015, they performed 323,999 abortions, or roughly 900 per day.

In addition, recent 
undercover videos show that Planned Parenthood clinics have also been altering abortion procedures in order to obtain and sell intact aborted babies or their dismembered body parts.

PlannedParenthoodvideo.jpgAnd yet they continue to received over half a billion dollars of taxpayer money every year from the federal government.

We agree with Representative 
Martha Roby, who declared to the House of Representatives,

“This is one of those moments that – as a nation and as a people – we have to ask ourselves, “who are we? Are we really going to tolerate this inhumanity? Are we going to look the other way while babies are brutally killed and organs harvested for profit?” These aren’t specimens! These are babies for goodness’ sake!”

United Families International applauds both houses of the U.S. Congress who recently passed a bill intended to remove taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.  We were also disappointed-but-not-surprised to learn last Friday that President Obama vetoed the bill.   

 However, even this disappointment represents a monumental accomplishment!   

 This was the first time that both houses of Congress passed such a bill.  Never in 40 years has a bill defunding the abortion business reached the president’s desk.  Now we know that it can be done!  That is why it is so important that we vote a pro-life President into the White House this year, so we can do it again and get it signed into law.

PartialBirthAbortion.jpgAs our friends at LiveActionNews remind us, we should be encouraged and energized for 2016 because “a similar situation happened with the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, which was passed by Congress in 1995 and 1997 and was vetoed both times by President Bill Clinton. The legislation passed again in 2003, after Clinton left office, and was signed into law by his successor, President George W. Bush.”

To read full alert go to:    http://www.unitedfamilies.dreamhosters.com/default.asp?contentID=763

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