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Last week we posted a story about a teen mother in the state of Pennsylvania who was coerced into having an abortion.  We expressed shock that U.S. courts would force abortion upon a mother.  We were not thinking, however, of the thousands of women every year, right here in the U.S., that are forced to abort their babies either by circumstances or by an individual(s) in their lives.

The Elliot Institute is a pro-life organization that is dedicated to “performing original research and education on the impact of abortion on women, men, siblings, and society.”  Because most academic institutions (where research is most often performed) do not choose to research the impact of abortion on women, (I’ll let you guess why not) this group has stepped in to provide the much needed data.

The Elliot Institute has produced some excellent educational materials and public service campaigns over the years.  Their latest campaign bears the slogan:  “Abortion:  The UnChoice.”

Their most recent work is a special report entitled “Forced Abortion in America.”  Here are some of the statistics they have compiled about women who have had abortions:

  • 64% of women reported feeling pressured to abort
  • 79% weren’t told of available resources
  • Abortion clinics fail to screen for coercion
  • 84% were inadequately counseled before hand
  • Pressure to abort can escalate to violence
  • Homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women

“Forced Abortion in America” is filled with the examples and compelling stories of women.  This special report is an attempt to shine a light on aspect of abortion that pro-choice advocates would rather you knew nothing of.

Read it and then educate those around you.


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