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“Husband confronts abortion protesters outside clinic,” the headline reads.  I’ve seen it all over the blogosphere this week.  “He gives them a piece of his mind while he videotapes the whole thing,” continues the article lead in.   I watched the video with interest, cringing a little because I feared I’d see some overwrought pro-life individuals who were sincere, but maybe out of control or over-the-top in their passion to protect unborn children.

After watching the clip, I have concluded that the person who was out-of-control was not the pro-life protesters—but the husband.  The protesters appear genuinely shocked at the man’s outburst with one of the women even attempting to apologize.  One of the women is holding a picture of what appears to be Christ and the other a poster counting the number of babies saved (hardly “grisly abortion photos”).  The women are calm—certainly not “yelling” at those entering the clinic as the man accuses.

Perhaps we can excuse this man’s overwrought behavior because of his wife’s condition, but somehow he seems less than straightforward when the protester asks him why his wife is not in a hospital to have the child aborted if it is indeed a “medical necessity.”  Even so, this man and his wife’s medical situation with their unborn child represents a tiny, tiny percentage of the abortions that are performed.

The way this video has made the rounds on pro-abortion blogs and websites—this guy’s treated like a hero—shows how desperate pro-aborts are to make someone else the bad guy.   Two women standing on public property, “trying to make the unborn child not be invisible,” does not warrant the kind of outburst that the man directs at these ladies.  This is a classic example of those who support abortion being angered when they are confronted with the reality of what they are doing.

Well, that’s my opinion.  Watch it and tells us what you think.


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