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ufilogoThe UK news service, Mail Online reports the following story:

When Lexie Slater-Folksman was born at 23 weeks    an age at which babies can still be aborted    she weighed just 1lb 8oz.

She was put on a life support machine and her parents were warned their daughter might not pull through.  She was so premature her eyes hadn’t even developed properly. At a month old she underwent laser surgery on her eyes and then spent week after week on ventilator machines after she suffered collapsed lungs.

But Lexie defied the odds and gradually gained strength.

Now, six months after her birth, she weighs a healthy 8lb and has finally been allowed home, to the joy and relief of her parents, 20-year-old Sarah Slater and her fiance Richard Folksman, 25.

They say Lexie’s case proves that the abortion laws are outdated and should be changed. At 23 weeks, Lexie was born a week before the time limit for termination.

The Telegraph, another UK news outlet, continues:

Last May, two months before she was born, MPs voted for the upper time limit for abortions to remain at 24 weeks after rejecting proposals to reduce the time limit to as little as 12 weeks.

Anti abortion campaigners had argued the time limit for termination was too long saying a baby’s rights should be considered at the point it had the “chance of life”.

Her mother Miss Slater, from Wigan, Greater Manchester said, “We’re so glad to have Lexie home with us at last and it just shows how outmoded our laws on abortion are.

“Some mothers-to-be would be able to legaly terminate their pregnancy at 23 weeks – yet my Lexie is living proof babies can survive being born so prematurely.

“I never realised a baby would be so well developed at 23 weeks and they do have a chance life. My Lexie is living proof the abortion limit should be lowered.

“I’m so grateful to everyone at the hospital who helped to keep our daughter alive.”