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Baby found in trashKate Harrison

This past weekend, in New Jersey City, New Jersey, three teenage boys found a three month premature baby discarded by the trash.  This child was found whimpering, with other trash, in a plastic shopping bag.  This child still had its umbilical cord and could have suffocated. Keyshaun Wiggins, one of the boys who saved this baby, said they herd the baby whimper, and thought it was an animal. When they came closer they saw the baby’s hand moving. This child was found clearly alive, and yet some mother was so cold as to discard her baby like you would any piece of trash!

Why would a mother do this to her own child? How could a woman have a heart so hard that she could leave her own creation, her own living, breathing child as trash?

The answer to these first two questions is our society. After more than 40 years of legalized abortion not only is abortion completely accepted, it is common for others to encourage mothers to abort their children. The culture of abortion has turned the hearts of mothers away from their children. Every woman can choose to be a mom. Society deceives people into believing children are a choice, even after conception. The truth is the choice happens before conception.

Now that abortion has become so normal people are starting to take it a step further. Like the mother of this infant found in the garbage, some women are starting to feel that if it is okay to have an abortion and throw the baby, then it is okay to do the same to a newborn baby.

This is surely a sign of complete moral deprivation of society. This mother had a living breathing child and threw it away as trash! Not only that, New Jersey has a law saying that unwanted infants can be given to the police, fire department or hospital without consequences. This is more common than one may have thought. Since this spring, many mothers have thrown or flushed their new born infants. Our society’s easy acceptance of abortion must stop or this kind of thing will become even more common and more radical.

Kate HarrisonKate is 14, and has just begun her freshman year of high school. Kate enjoys drawing, math, law and running. Kate’s law interest began two years ago when she participated in Junior Mock Trial. Since then Kate has decided family law is important and would like to do what she can to help other people understand the importance of the family and family policy.