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In a move touted as a way to remove the “stigma” of abortion, women are now bragging about their abortions on Twitter. Seems that last week’s election has caused some amount of panic in the pro-abort’s camp and they are feeling the need to assert themselves by being proud of their post-abortion status.  The “I had an abortion” campaign has brought out a sad and pathetic cast of characters, all of them trying to justify and feel better about what they have done.  Here’s a sample of a couple of the Twitter messages:

Almost half my life ago, #ihadanabortion. I’m not sorry. I’ve never been sorry. I will never be sorry. Just very, very grateful.

Those who are ANTI-choice shd B glad #ihadanabortion. I went on to finish college, support myself, marry … have 2 honor students. Nice, huh?

Based on the logic of that last “tweet,” if a woman gives birth to a baby—she can never go on to college, get married, or have two honor students…

I guess ‘tis the season for despicable and disgusting promotion of abortion.  Did you see this headline coming out of the UK:  “I didn’t want four abortions, but I really couldn’t afford to be a mum.” This female jewel of humanity has terminated four pregnancies in the past three years.  One of her abortions was at 22 weeks and after she saw the ultra-sound.  She justified it by saying:

“Jason [her five-month old son] started to teethe and I was up all night with him. The thought of another baby terrified me. I knew it would mean Jason missing out on my full care. He needed me. He was already in the world and this baby wasn’t.”

All of this insanity leaves one kind of speechless…

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