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babyThe Center for Reproductive Rights is once again attacking the rights of unborn. Last week they filed a suit challenging a new Oklahoma state law (H.B. 1595) that would put a stop to sex-selective abortions and increase the state’s abortion reporting requirements beginning November 1.

The ban on sex-selective abortions would protect female babies from being aborted due to the surprisingly prevalent cultural preference for male over female babies, and the enhanced abortion reporting requirements, the most comprehensive in the country, would provide qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of abortion practices. With information on why and when women seek abortion, the state and other institutions would be better equipped to establish programs that address the needs of women who resort to abortion without better alternatives. Both pieces of the legislation would go a long way to protecting our state’s women, born and unborn alike.

Yet, the Center for Reproductive rights, an organization that claims to protect female rights, is not interested in protecting unborn girls or finding solutions. Their concern is only for securing the unfettered right to abortion at any time and for any reason.

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