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I have to warn you before you read my post. This story is horrifying. It wrenched my gut more than anything I’ve read in the past two weeks.


ER room 2By T.R. Ransom


A fourteen-year-old girl who was impregnated by rape had the fetus beaten out of her by five of her family members. They were scared of a fatherless baby attracting the attention of Family Protective Services, so they took matters into their own hands – after pills failed to do the job. After labor was induced by six hours of violence, the eight-month-developed baby was burned on a charcoal grill. The brave young woman has come forward to tell what happened to her and five arrests have taken place.

The Dallas Police department gave an official statement calling what took place an example of ‘organized crime’. Social media commentators have called it ‘hideous’, ‘disturbing’, and ‘monstrous’. There is an innate recognition in people everywhere that what happened was wrong.

For some reason, whenever this story principally happens in a hospital and is funded by government spending, it’s considered victory for women’s rights.

I know you’re thinking that it’s a stretch to compare the two. Many feminists would object that there’s a mountain of difference between a girl being savagely beaten by untrained medical experts and a woman who was raped and independently decides to get the baby removed. Why, they ask, would anyone compare a brutal beating to a safe, healthy abortion performed by a medical expert?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because abortion isn’t healthy, safe, or in any way the best choice for women. Abortion is dangerous. People will argue all day about the risks to a mother’s life from child labor, but not one word will be said about the health risks of getting an abortion performed. Not once will anyone mention incomplete abortion, sepsis, hemorrhage, amniotic fluid embolism, or the intra-abdominal injuries that have resulted from abortion. I haven’t even begun to mention the mental and emotional trauma that can be caused by “progressive birth control”.

“Alright”, the opposition says. “So there’s physical harm caused by abortions – same with any surgical procedure. The biggest difference between your two examples is that the young girl had the fetus beaten out of her against her will. The thousands of women who get abortions do so by choice.”

It’s true that the girl in this story didn’t choose to have the baby aborted. But what if the girl had chosen to have the fetus beaten from her body? What if she had willingly laid down and said, “Cousins, I need your help. Beat me until the child is delivered.” I’ll tell you what wouldn’t have happened. The police wouldn’t have come to the door saying, “We have a report of screaming in this household. Is everyone okay?”

“Officer, we just violently removed our cousin’s child from her womb and burned the fetus on our grill.”

“You’re under arrest!”

“Wait, she wanted it done! She asked for it!”

“Oh, she asked for it? Never mind then, go about your day.”

It’s obvious why this ridiculous scenario would never take place: Even if the girl had voluntarily asked for her family’s help, any sane decent human being would realize the atrocious and animalistic nature of what had just taken place. People would still be put in jail and Family Protective Services would have still stepped in. To say that a woman’s voluntary compliance in an abortion eliminates the crime aspect isn’t consistent with the reality of organized crime.

In all of the media commentary on this story, no one has used the word “murder” in describing what happened. All of us need to fight the tide of political correctness to ensure that the truth is spoken. It’s time for more people to start coming out of the shadows and calling murder ‘murder’ and crime ‘crime’.

Our societal self-deception isn’t harmless. It’s taking lives.


DSC_7040T.R. Ransom is a college student in Salt Lake City. He enjoys studying philosophy, being involved in politics, playing the ukulele, and running marathons. He and his wife hope to one day open their own private school.