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ufilogoFrom the Family Research Council:

Planned Parenthood (PP) released its annual report this week. It would appear that for Planned Parenthood, crime does pay — as long as it is crime against humanity. Last year, while the rest of the nation was seeing a downward trend in relation to abortions, Planned Parenthood was perpetrating over 15,000 more abortions than the year before, for a grand total of 305,310 (while apparently offering no post-abortion counseling to the women who enter into PP’s “clinics.”) Added to this mayhem, Planned Parenthood distributed over 1.4 million “emergency contraceptive kits” containing the abortifacient called the “morning after pill.” During this time the organization only did 4,912 adoption referrals. All this proved very profitable to Planed Parenthood as they posted a net profit of $1.014 BILLION. A clear 34 percent of that figure came from you – the U.S. taxpayer. Government grants to Planned Parenthood allowed the abortion industry to spend on a variety of things including contributing $10 million to elect President Obama and spending close to $1 million to lobby Congress for even more cash, claiming poverty in this time of economic crisis! This investment by Planned Parenthood has paid handsomely as increases in government funding have led to an increase in the number of abortions the group performs. Only when the abortion industry is completely separated from the government funding spigot will President Obama have any credibility when he says he wants to “reduce the number of abortions.” Local governments like Orange County, California and Corpus Christi, Texas have realized this and defunded their local PP’s – when will Congress?

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