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Newborn 5Jenifer Moss and Diane Robertson


The high-powered and overwhelming Commission on the Status of Women is taking place this week at UN headquarters in New York.  While political groups’ pressure delegates to introduce a document that would include abortion as “reproductive right” for women, I want to share a continuing, beautiful story about faith and choosing life. I am honored to introduce the lovely, Jenifer Moss.


Hello! My name is Jenifer and I am a stay-at-home mother to seven, wonderful children (2 boys and 5 girls).  I am currently pregnant with my eighth child (A BOY!!) and was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Previa (CPP) and Placenta Percreta.  I also have Beta Thalassemia Minor which contributes to severe anemia.  Two of my previous births were emergency C-sections, I had one prior D&C after an incomplete miscarriage, and a surgery on my small intestines when I was in middle school.  (Previous uterine surgeries do increase your risk of Placenta Accreta.)

My placenta is on the anterior wall of my uterus adhered to the myometrium, directly over my previous C-section scars, and has spread (like a cancer) to other organs in my abdomen.  Doctors also note that my Percreta covers almost my whole placenta, not a small portion.


With this severe pregnancy condition, Jenifer is well aware of the 10% maternal mortality rate.  Despite being pressured to choose an abortion, Jenifer is choosing life for her son.


This afternoon I was talking with a family member.  I said that things don’t look good for my insides, but that the baby looks perfect.  They replied.  “I don’t care about the baby.  I’m worried about you.  You already have seven children.  You have to take care of yourself and them.”  From the rest of the conversation and previous conversations, I get the impression that some people think I should abort this baby.  Not only that, I feel that they think I’m stupid for not considering abortion more seriously

At 18 weeks gestation Jenifer wrote: This time I got the VERY direct abortion talk.  (It felt much like the “how babies are made” talks of my youth.)  My new doctor wanted me to understand that we were not talking about aborting a baby because it might not be born “perfect”; we were talking about aborting a baby, to save my life– for my other seven children.  She specifically said that this surgery WAS much less dangerous at 19 weeks than it would be as my baby and placenta grows.  She wanted to be sure that if I was considering terminating this pregnancy (i.e. killing the perfectly healthy baby that I had just spent an HOUR watching suck his thumb and kick in our ultrasound) we needed to decide NOW not LATER.  I wanted the doctor to understand that I was very aware of the CHOICE I was making and it was a decision that we had not made lightly.

The last two cases that were similar to mine ended up almost dying in the OR.  The last case, the mother needed over 40 units of blood.  She said, “If you are not scared, I have not done my job.”

I wish I would have said, “The last two cases, the mother and babies both lived!!”  Scary, yes… but I still have a 90% chance of living!!!  I can handle 40 units of blood to save the life of my baby.  I am not ignorant.  I am CHOOSING this dangerous surgery to bring this baby into this world.  I understand the risk; I am willing to take this risk… NOW, let’s talk about how we’re going to WIN this battle.


Jenifer has found peace and courage in her faith.


I am grateful for modern-day medicine and I completely believe in a God of miracles and a Great Plan of Happiness that includes sickness, sorrow and death.  I find joy in the sometimes difficult journey of life.  Finding peace in the midst the uncertainty is going to be my mental struggle.

Sure, I let myself grieve and be afraid and be angry.  But ultimately, I feel the best when I get to the place of just taking one day at a time.  I know that I am known.  There is a God and He has a specific plan for me.  Whatever happens, it will be alright.  I live in America, I have great insurance and incredibly skilled doctors, this is the 21st century and I’m grateful for this experience, no matter the outcome.


You can continue following Jenifer’s journey on her blog:  Moss Moments.