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Bull ElkDiane Robertson

Last week in Boulder, Colorado a police officer shot a bull elk. The police officers involved in the shooting of the elk have been put on administrative leave and are under criminal investigation. On Sunday, hundreds of citizens in Boulder, Colorado held a candle light vigil in honor of the elk.

Some comments from the neighbors were:

“I know a lot of us have had a lot of anger, a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainty,” said Vigil organizer Jim Riemersma. “Tonight’s a celebration, a celebration of the elk. We loved him. But I think he loved us, too, because he returned to this neighborhood.”

“People live here because we love the wildlife,” said Esther Parson, who lives in the foothills west of Boulder. “To murder an animal who feels like he’s part of the neighborhood is despicable.”

“He was a beautiful animal,” said Nancy Platt, of Boulder. “He was hurting nobody. He didn’t deserve what he got.”

Boulder, Colorado is not only the setting for a lot of wildlife, but the setting for a late term abortion clinic, Boulder Abortion Clinic, P.C. . On any Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm, women can come and kill their babies. The neighbor’s are not holding candlelight vigils in honor of the babies that will never even get to take their first breath or brighten someone’s day with their precious smile. On the clinic’s website, one can find comments from the mothers who have aborted their babies.

“I am so glad this facility is here.”

“Everyone was friendly and caring, as well as comfortable with and professional at what they’re doing.”

“I would just like to say thank you for being so kind and treating me with such respect.”

“The doctor is not only a wonderful and caring man, he’s got a great sense about himself, almost as if he “knows” what your feelings [are]. Truly a wonderful man.”

“Dr. Hern was very funny and enjoyable. The procedure was just what the staff said it would be.”

“The doctor puts his heart into his work and that makes me feel good.”

Woodland creatures are held in higher esteem than human life.  A community has allowed the killing of their own unborn children and at the same time lit candles, mourned, and criminalized the killing of an elk. The breakdown of the family and the legalizing of practices that support sexual activity outside of marriage has brought us to a time where neighbor’s will get together to mourn the loss of a wild animal, but turn a blind eye when a women wants to  rid herself of the responsibility of her own children.

In most states, the state legislature will begin the 2013 session. Most of these states will have bills to help protect children from abortion. Please find out what the bills are and contact your legislatures or lobby at your state capitol to help curb the loss of precious human lives through abortion. Our own children are infinitely more precious than beautiful and interesting wildlife. They need legal protection too.