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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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tentMaddie Gillel

Our family was flying a kite a few years ago, having a great time watching the kite fly higher and higher. One of the grandchildren asked what would happen if we cut the string? She thought it would surely continue climbing higher and higher! We told her ‘nope, the kite will crash to the ground.’

We’ve all been camping in tents under different circumstances: girls’ camp, family camp, back yard sleep outs, scout camp, etc. There is always someone in the group who thinks it’s funny to quietly undo the stakes, watch the tent collapse and the girls (usually) inside scream and yell and scramble to escape – much to the delight of the ‘boys’ (usually) who did this.

These 2 examples of a recreational facet of life, have provided an allegory for other more serious lessons of life.

MORAL PRINCIPLES ARE THE LIFELINE TO AN ABUNDANT, HAPPY, PURPOSEFUL LIFE. Many think that religion/ principles, are restrictive and freedom ending, when in actuality, these religious beliefs and moral principles are the stakes that hold the tents up and the kite string that keeps the kite aloft!

These principles teach us faith in God, honesty, love, hard work, cheerfulness, responsibility, integrity, virtue, chastity, courage, financial comfort, education, confidence, respect, and many, many others.

What are the symptoms of a life whose kite has crashed to the ground and/or their tent has collapsed? Drug abuse, divorce, financial problems, inadequate education, premature health issues, early death, sexual abuse, physical abuse, pornography, abortion, suicide, hopelessness, anger, murder, prison, emotional illness, discomfort in polite society, loss of self-esteem and self -respect, estrangement from family, and on and on.

We all know people who have professions that are quite lucrative and prestigious and yet their home life/personal life have issues (smoking/ drinking/drugs, philandering, dishonesty) and sooner or later that personal life spills over into the professional life and either weakens it or destroys it.

We had a friend years ago whom we loved dearly. He was charming and generous and fun to be with. However, his personal life was not so pleasant. He lived with several women, was married 3 times and had children with each. He was an alcoholic and we watched his professional life slowly dissolve. He was an orthopedic surgeon and between child support and alimony he was barely making it.   In the end he was selling items in a multi-level-marketing venture. He died at age 60 from brain cancer. Such a sad commentary on a life.

Life is real and full of lessons and choices. How it’s lived is up to each person.