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I read a lot of articles and blog comments surrounding family issues everyday, and I’ve noticed a trend.

Very few, if any, of the articles and comments written about these subjects are written to teach people about the issues. Most seem to be written as a rallying cry for those already on the writers’ side.

I can immediately identify these when they include: a condescending tone, name-calling or (get ready) cite scripture.

This trend became clear to me after I read an article called Why I’m Becoming Pro-Life and Why Your Obnoxious Activism Wasn’t What Changed My Mind, written by a homosexual atheist named Alex Knepper. In the article Knepper told his “conversion” to pro-life thinking through a long journey of logic and exploration. Being atheist, religious arguments meant absolutely nothing to him. Only logical arguments eventually led to his change in opinion (please read his article).

If this is true, than pro-family advocates are doing a poor job of explaining issues in ways that will ring true with more than just pro-family or religious people. Although rallying does have its place, but teaching is also crucial.

There are valid, logical arguments that should be heard. Social science professionals have produced statistics that should be injected into the conversation, in large doses.

To help you find these valid, science based arguments concerning these issues; United Families International has organized free issues guides for anyone and everyone.

If you want to contribute to the conversation on these issues, or just be able to defend your position, these guides will be a great start. Find them here.

Thank you for caring. I hope these guides will help you solidify your understanding of the issues and make you a stronger advocate for the cause.

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