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As the Senate prepares to vote this Saturday on opening Senator Harry Reid’s new health care bill for floor debate, recent polls indicate that most Americans are in favor of a ban on federal funding for abortion—a ban that is absent in the  new bill. According to a recent CNN study released, six in ten American favor a ban on federal funding for abortion.

The survey, released Wednesday by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation, indicates that 61 percent of Americans are opposed to “using public funds for abortions when the woman cannot afford it,” with only 37 percent in favor.

Even more interesting, fifty-one percent of respondents said that a woman should pay all the costs of an abortion herself when asked “Do you think private health insurance plans should cover some or all of the costs of an abortion, or do you think that women who want to get an abortion should have to pay the complete costs of that abortion out of their own pockets?”

Additionally, when asked about abortion generally, only 26 percent of respondents thought that abortion should be legal under any circumstances. Half of respondents thought abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances,  and 23 percent though it should be illegal in all circumstances.

According to these numbers, it would seem that U.S. citizens are not buying the myth of back alley abortions being promulgated by pro-abortionists attempting to secure public funds for abortion through new health care legislation


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