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woman in tears

Nathalie Bowman

Abortion is alive and well, and the American media is all for it. Katie Yoder, in her article “Media Hype ‘1 in 3 Campaign’ Promoting Abortion, Censor Women Who Regret Their Abortions”, shares how the media is only showing one side of the Abortion story:

“The media are all for giving voice to the voiceless, as long as the message fits their agenda. Case in point: journalists recently rushed to publicize the stories of women who chose to abort–“Media Celebrates “Positive” Abortion Stories, but Censors Reality.” And they did it without a hint of regret.

Dozens of women shared their abortion experiences on Nov. 20 during a live streamed Abortion Speakout hosted by Advocates for Youth’s  1 in 3 Campaign. Participants included Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, comedian Lizz Winstead and columnist Jessica Valenti. While journalists latched on to the message of women’s lives improving through abortion, they censored the stories that didn’t fit their agenda – the stories of women who regret their abortions.

Half a dozen outlets including The Washington Post and The Daily Beast reported on the event to praise women “who made the best decision” with “no regrets.” But these stories – pushed by the ‘1 in 3 Campaign’ and journalists – ignore the abortion testimonies from women filled with “regret” and “horror” published by the ‘Silent No More Awareness Campaign’. Founder Georgette Forney explained to MRC Culture how these outlets “censor” and “edit” women who regret their abortions. The media are “trying to keep us quiet all the while pretending to be representing women,” she stressed.

The ‘1 in 3 Campaign’ aims to “end the stigma and shame women are made to feel about abortion” by stressing that one in three women will have an abortion during her lifetime (a statistic disputed by the pro-life movement).

Media ONLY Hype ‘Happily Ever After’ Abortions

In her anticipation of the event, The Washington Post’s Diana Reese wrote “This Thursday women will talk about their abortions, and I spoke with two of them….”

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